Selling faulty car - Pancholi
I have a diesel Ford mondeo that has a faulty engine. The car is not worth enough for me to pay to repair it but could be repaired by a DIY person or someone who has a job in a garage. Is there a place where one can sell such cars or somewhere that it could be advertised. Clearly it cannot be sold in the normal way because it will not run properly. The car is 2003 Mondeo with diesel engine 74300 miles.
Selling faulty car - stonefish
I would have thought it would be worth repairing. Is it a TDCi ? A Ghia ?
Selling faulty car - Galaxy
Yes, stick it on Ebay, or put it into an auction.

If you sell it on Ebay it should be accurately described, including any faults.

If you put it into an auction you don't have to say anything about it at all, unless you want to.

Selling faulty car - artful dodger {P}
Use ebay, listing it as spares/repair. Describe the faults and that a DIY repairer could fix it, alternatively someone may want to break it for the spares. You may be surprised at how much you get as it is a popular recent car.

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Selling faulty car - local yokel
I find it hard to imagine that it's beyond economic repair. Suggest you dedicate a few hours on the phone talking to people. Your worst case scenario is to buy a whole but written-off car with a clean engine - but I guess that you could find an engine out, but still with good paperwork so you know where it came from.

A friend's Laguna threw a cambelt - his guy sourced an engine and put it in for £600 - and he then sold the car for £1100.

Have a chat with a non-franchised but solid outfit. I'm sure they'd be able to make money on the engine/work, and leave you with a good car, again, at a good enough price.
Selling faulty car - local yokel
Call 01702 258573 - they are breaking a Mondeo diesel.
Selling faulty car - local yokel - complete car - engine good.
Selling faulty car - henry k
looks like the roof got chopped plus the airbag did not even go off.
Selling faulty car - Wales Forester
Ouch indeed, that's had quite a roll. The bonnet looks pretty much intact so no obvious front end impact would explain the airbags being intact.
How long would it take to extract the engine from this, is it a difficult job or easy when you know how??
Selling faulty car - Aprilia
I agree that your car is probably worth repairing, however used TDCI engines tend to be very expensive because there is strong demand for them (due to the kind of problem you've had and also heads cracking/failling for the same reason). My mate who repairs diesels regularly tries to source s/hand TDCI parts but they are few and far between and sell very quickly - there is a waiting list at many breakers. This is due to the very high cost of new parts. Personally though I think that ANY used TDCI parts are a big gamble.
I would consider having your own engine repaired - have the head and sump taken off and an inspection done - you may get away with just a rod and piston and 10 hours labour.

Whatever you do you need to make sure that your present injection system fault is fixed before you start the new engine up - otherwise you could quickly wreck it again and be back to square one!

If you really want to sell then try the salvage pages of Autotrader and also Ebay - or Universal Salvage auction if desperate. However be aware that 'people in the know' will avoid a TDCI with a poorly engine because they know the potential costs may outweigh the value of the car!
Selling faulty car - Quinny100
The car must be worth about £4500 if it's in good nick. How much do Ford want to supply a new short engine? Surely under a grand? If you could get it fitted at a decent independent labour should be under £500. I doubt you'd get £3k for it as a non runner, so it looks like you'll be better off repairing it.
Selling faulty car - Aprilia
I would image a Ford TDCI short engine is a lot more than £1000. Head could also be damaged - forces involved are absolutely enormous - hence the need to inspect first. Could be looking at easy £2k to replace, possibly lot more if all the work is done at a main dealer.

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