Forward-facing kiddie seat - barchettaman
Quick question - now that BabyBarchetta is in a forward-facing car seat, can he go in the front passenger seat with its (non-switchable) airbag, or does he have to stay in the back?
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Forward-facing kiddie seat - adverse camber
safer in the back.

Where are you these days ? I think the uk legislation says in the back if possible. dont know about germany / italy.
Forward-facing kiddie seat - barchettaman
Germany at the mo, but Mrs B is working in the UK and taking the baby with her from December through til February. As she´s a bit short, it would help to have the car seat alongside her when they are travelling á deux.

Obviously we don´t want to risk breaking any laws.
Forward-facing kiddie seat - Dwight Van Driver

Forward-facing kiddie seat - barchettaman
Many thanks for posting that link DVD.

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