Peugeot 306 diesel been swimming - JustMike
Hello wise men of England, (Are there more than 3 ?)

I have been offered a 306 with a 1997cc HDI engine with 70k miles. Unfortunately the car has been in some fresh water which has caused the engine to show its resentment.

I havent examined it yet but Im told its running on 3 cylinders (and so it should be cheap. )I wondered if anybody had experience of water damage - I suppose if somehow water got down the air intake because the bow wave was like that of a cross chanel ferry it could be a big problem. (bent con rod ?) On the other hand is it possible that one of the common rail injectors has packed in?

Would welcome any ideas on the engine checks I should make or other likely problem areas before I actually take a look.

I know we are all supposed to become more green(except Jeremy Clarkson) but could this 306 be described as a modern example of "pond-life"?

Thanks and a Happy 4 star Christmas.

Peugeot 306 diesel been swimming - Screwloose

Price up a replacement engine from someone good like Ivor Searle and factor that cost in before deciding to buy. Don't overlook things like a new clutch, waterpump, cambelt kit, dual-mass pulley etc. that have to be done with an engine swap. Also, the MAF sensor and turbo may have been damaged.

Water in a diesel usually means bent rods or crankpins. If it's bent something and is down on compression, it will smoke at idle from unburned diesel; if it's running on three and not smoking, then it's likely there's no fuel being injected.
Peugeot 306 diesel been swimming - mss1tw
Hi Mike, I wouldn't bother with checking the engine, personally; I'd source a second hand one from one of the well known spares companies. If it is a problem with the fuel system, walk away.

It might beworth trying to get it code read, both to check for fault codes and to see if the ECU is still fully operational - on my 306 it was in quite an exposed place.
Peugeot 306 diesel been swimming - LeePower
Unless your being given this car for FREE & you fancy a bit of diy, Walk away because it will turn in to a money pit.

Peugeot electrics are temperamental at the best of time so one that's had a swim will be fun to try & work on.

Theres plenty of working 306 HDIs out there that havent been swimming.

Also the 90 bhp HDI lump in this car doesnt have a dual mass flywheel.
Peugeot 306 diesel been swimming - Screwloose
Also the 90 bhp HDI lump in this car doesnt have
a dual mass flywheel.

But it may well have a dual-mass crank pulley....
Peugeot 306 diesel been swimming - LeePower
The dual mass crank pulley or the harmonic damper to give it the correct Peugeot part name has been standrad fit on the XU lumps for over 10 years & the EW & DW lumps since they came out.

This HDI will be a DW lump so it will have one fitted.
Peugeot 306 diesel been swimming - madf
If the water has bene inside the car.. walk away. The trim will (WILL) collapse with time and rot.

Water in the engine? Proabably in the gearbox as well and the driveshafts and the wheel bearings and the clutch..and the brakes.

Walk away. A money pit .

If they gave you it foc. it will still be a bad buy.
Peugeot 306 diesel been swimming - JustMike
Hi grease monkeys,

I seem to have found more than three wise men !
I dont know if I have the energy before Christmas to take on this project - it sounds as though the old adage "If it sounds too good to be true - then it probably is" applies here. I dont think I'll bother - if I should change my mind I'll let you know.
Thanks for your honesty. Hope I can return the favour sometime

Happy Christmas to all.


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