Baby you can drive my car... - Lud
I know a lot of drivers worse (i.e. rougher and more abusive) than me who would never dream of letting me drive their cars. I too am a bit protective even though my cars have usually been hardly worth protecting; but then again if the thing's a bit crotchety it's only the work of a moment to make it worse.

I know two men who I would trust to drive any car, although one of them made a pig's ear of driving one of my rougher Skodas once. I also trust my wife not to do harm, although I always worry in her case if the car has any faults needing special treatment... I'd hate her to be embarrassed or worse still harmed by some glitch in traffic.

I wouldn't trust either of my driving daughters with a car that belonged to me.

When I had my Bentley though, and was 'between marriages', a gf I had at the time longed to drive the thing. One morning, having some work to finish, I let her drive into town from the far northern outer suburbs and sat in the back myself, typewriter on picnic table, working. She was very pleased and did absolutely beautifully.

People who just hand you the keys without a second thought are usually people who were born rich, seems to me. Or Americans.

Do other people get in a state about this sort of thing?
Baby you can drive my car... - Xileno {P}
My brother who is 45 can kill a car in 40K miles. I cringe when he gets behind the wheel of any of my cars. I try and limit my cars' exposure to this mechanical destruction as little as possible.

On the other hand my 18 year old godson is one of the best drivers I have come across being mechanically sympathetic and sensible. I would happily lend him any car of mine.
Baby you can drive my car... - Bill Payer
Do other people get in a state about this sort of thing?

Oh yes. Even when I had company cars I wasn?t keen on other people driving them. Now I have my own car it?s becoming a serious problem that I probably should seek treatment for. When it went in for service I waited for it and fretted when it was out of sight ? and I certainly wouldn?t let them wash it. My wife has never driven it.
Baby you can drive my car... - stunorthants
I cannot stand others driving my van, mainly because I intend to get atleast 20 years service out of it and I want to make sure its treated as gently as possible all its life so it will manage the 300k + that Im going to ask of it.

My van has a notchy gearbox at the best of times which takes practice to get it right and I couldnt bear to risk someone crunching up and down the box. Its also prone to the tracking being put out because the suspension is quite rough to cope with the weight and it thumps down the potholes badly, so I dont like someone who doesnt avoid potholes anywhere near my van either.
Baby you can drive my car... - barchettaman
I lent the Barchetta (once) to an Italian colleague, who within 20 metres has crashed it into the carpark exit token machine thingy. Smashed the bumper.

He didn´t get another go.
Baby you can drive my car... - Pugugly {P}
SWMBO won't drive the Landie, she won't let me drive her MINI (only when "its running on fumes dear") and she won't drive the BMW - exception being after I'm the worse for drink. I feel very possesive of my bike. No-one rides that.
Baby you can drive my car... - Happy Blue!
What - not even you??
Baby you can drive my car... - Pugugly {P}
Oh yes I do !!!
Baby you can drive my car... - Happy Blue!
SWMBO drove the Outback tonight on the way home from the theatre - I'd had a beer in the interval. Not bad. I might let her drive it on her own occasionally.
Baby you can drive my car... - PoloGirl
I wouldn't let anyone drive Polo at first, although I'm less precious about the Golf. Andy went on the insurance of Polo last year and drove it like he had his 100 year old granny in the passenger seat. He's on the insurance of the Golf but isn't so careful and makes me feel sick so I avoid letting him drive wherever possible.

Andy's cars have all been company cars insured for spouses to drive, but not me as we're not married. He tells me (conveniently) he doesn't think I'll be able to drive the new Passat as it wont be that kind of insurance. Hmmm!

Baby you can drive my car... - Mad Maxy
I used to be appalled by the thought of anyone driving my car lest they reduced its mechanical life, as it were. Now I'm sensible enough to realise that cars are pretty robust. And in any case, I'm not going to experience the effects on cars that are going to be chnaged for something newer at 40K or so miles.

Now, I'm just not keen on being driven: I can do a better job myself.

Lud, you should have married the GF who drove the Bentley so well!
Baby you can drive my car... - LeighB
Amazing how possessive everyone is about their motors!

We have 2, an elderly Volvo 240 useful workhorse, but very thirsty and not v comfy by modern standards, and a new 1.9 TDi Octavia.
Whoever is going the furthest on any day takes the Octy, as more economical and more comfy.
Also if we are together SWMBO always drives on short trips, we take it in turns on long runs. She is an excellent driver if perhaps a bit more cautious than I am.
Reason is, she is a terrible passenger, feels sick on twisty roads and anxious just about anywhere!
I am totally relaxed as a passenger, so we both arrive at our destination with least stress - except for the odd argument about map reading.
Another advantage is I never have to worry about who is going to drive home after a party as she rarely consumes alcohol.

Baby you can drive my car... - PoloGirl
>Reason is, she is a terrible passenger, feels sick on twisty roads

My problem too, which is why I usually drive everywhere! I'm a bit old to take my little yellow bucket everywhere I go these days if someone else is driving.

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