Solar trickle chargers - any good? - eurocourier
I'm sure you've seen the type, just wondered...
Solar trickle chargers - any good? - martint123
I've got one on the garage roof that trickle charges one of the bike batteries.
Seems to work and certainly puts in more that the dark current and alarm current.
Plenty of sunny/bright days in winter usually.
Solar trickle chargers - any good? - SpamCan61 {P}
If these are the ones that plug in to the fag lighter socket then they'll be stuff all use on most cars, which have the socket wired through the ignition.
Solar trickle chargers - any good? - deepwith
Bought one which has clips to go on the battery for daughters car when she left it here for a while - worked very well keeping battery charged. Got it in Maplins sale for under a tenner - which pleased me as smaller ones were more on ebay.
Solar trickle chargers - any good? - eurocourier
Thanks - I'm not in any way knowledgeable about such things.
Solar trickle chargers - any good? - Dulwich Estate
I too, have been thinking about getting one of these, but read that the cheap and easily available ones are only suitable for indoor use - or inside the car on the dashboard. Apparently they are not too well sealed against rain.

I've thought about buying a more expensive type or maybe making a glass covered box for outside use.

I don't know much more and so far haven't bought one.
Solar trickle chargers - any good? - Peter D
I have a car Audi A6 based down at my MinL's which ahs suffered a very sluggish battery a couple of times due to lack of use 6 weeks or more. I purchased off ebat a Solar trickle charger for a but it now price of 9.95 Plus postage and fitted it a couple of visits ago. It is mounted on the rear parcel shelf as where it is parked that is the best daylight access and sure enough the panel has kept the battery up. Before the panel the battery ( it has a volt meter in the instrument cluster ) would read 11volts remember this is wheich the ignition on and quite a load, and the car would just start, now it reads just under 12 volts and appears quite lively. I tested the panel on a gel cell battery and nomitors the battery voltage and obtained, thru double glassing of 12.56 volts on a battery that originally measured 12.21v. ( two sunny days ) Regards Peter

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