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M25 J2-J3 etc. Widening consultation - artful dodger {P}
Here we go again. Widen the road to make it hold more vehicles waiting to pay the Dartford Crossing Toll. Brilliant idea or crazy idea depending upon your point of view.

Road users are now paying a French company to cross the Thames via an already paid for pair of tunnels and a bridge.

They were supposed to go after the Crossings were paid for
Wed Nov 30 12:00:00 GMT 2005
When the tunnel was built in 1969, the tolls were supposed to be scrapped once enough cash had been taken to cover both the cost of construction and the on-going maintenance. This period was extended with the construction of a second tunnel in the late 1970's, and extended once again with the construction of the Queen Elizabeth II Bridge, which was completed in 1991. The crossings were finally paid for, and enough money set aside for their maintenance, in 2003. The government, however, immediately moved to reverse the promise first made over 3 decades earlier, preferring instead to trouser the £65m + profit it generates each year. They did have a consultation process first, but, despite hundreds of responses opposed to the continuation of the tolls, the outcome was as could have been predicted without the pointless expense of pretending the consultation would change anything.

The traffic flow and the air quality in the locality would certainly improve if the tolls were removed.

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