subaru legacy gl4wd estate - johnboy1967
was considering a prelude 1993 mentioned in a previous post but found out had 7 previous owners and the last owner only had car for 2 months so was concerned enough not to pursue the car.

i have now seen a 1995 subaru estate 120k miles motd and taxed.first owner had the car for 4 years ,current owner had for the last 7 years.fsh with lots of previous mots and receipts for work done.looking for £750(i will haggle of course).dont know much about subarus so any advice on these cars welcome. i am hoping of seeing it in the next day or so and from what i have read i think it would be an ideal 2nd car.
subaru legacy gl4wd estate - Nsar
Sounds like a good buy - they are very reliable and the history you describe is about as good as you can expect.
subaru legacy gl4wd estate - Falkirk Bairn
Like all cheap cars - one repair could be more than the value of the car.

With a Prelude you can go to the scrappy and find bits off a Prelude or other Honda Accord for example - a 1995 Subaru????
subaru legacy gl4wd estate - nick
A mate of mine has the same car. Bought with a similar mileage and has had it 2 or 3 years. No problems apart from the rear wiper box seizing - replaced with a secondhand part from a Subaru breaker. He loves it and its reliablility but then he did have a Citroen CX estate before. A lovely car but needed repairing most months and the heating never worked correctly.
So don't worry about parts, you shouldn't need many, you can get OE pattern parts for more routine stuff and there are a couple of breakers which specialise in Subarus. At that mileage, given proper servicing, it's barely run in.
subaru legacy gl4wd estate - stunorthants
Snap it up - you dont get much for £750 even these days and that money for a good Subaru is a bargin.
subaru legacy gl4wd estate - blue_haddock
For what it is £750 does sound like a bit of a bargain - if it lasts for a few years you are quids in but if you get a big bill it's cheap enought to be almost disposable.
subaru legacy gl4wd estate - johnboy1967
unfortunately i will never know.arranged to see it wednesday morning due to work but somebody bought it tuesday night.back to the autotrader and ebay for me.

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