Espace roof ? - welshy
Hi sorry if I sound a little stupid in asking this but does a 2002 previous shape Espace have a plastic roof , due to being a radio ham someone told me not to buy one as it has a Plastic roof ! This cant be true can it ? The reason I want a steel roof is that my magnetic aerials wont stay on the roof .

The other car I may be looking into is a 2004 307 hdi . The espace is so nice though !
Espace roof ? - PaulTatam
Yes, all the panels are plastic (not sure about the bonnet though). Take the advice don't get one, they aren't the most reliable of cars, and cost loads to fix, I had one for two years, best thing I did was get rid of it.


Espace roof ? - Dynamic Dave
Yes, all the panels are plastic

Fibre glass actually ;o)
Espace roof ? - welshy
Well well you really surprise me ! I never thought the roof was plastic !! Jaw dropping
Espace roof ? - Dynamic Dave
Why not try putting a magnet on the panels?

Unless the panels are aluminium or fibreglass then the magnet will stick.

Come to think of it, I thought it was only the front wings and bonnet that were fibreglass.
Espace roof ? - Xileno {P}
No, I think it's all fibreglass. Certainly was on the MK1 Espace.

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