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Could anyone point me to any guide which shows which wheels will fit which car? i.e. Peugeot wheels fit citroens (obviously) and ford. Renault fit BMW and (I think) VW.

Any help would be appreciated!

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Here's a link for a PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) database that lists quite a few different models:


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Cheers for that link. I'll have a look but it sounds like the thing I'm after!
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I know just about all Ford wheels are interchangeable.Don't forget it isn't just hole size/spacing that counts,offset has to be considered,particularly on the front where steering will be affected.Out of interest,is there a specific reason for your question?
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All Ford wheels??? Even on just the four stud ones there are some that cannot be fitted because they will foul the caliper.But ,yes,they have the same PCD.
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I know from experience that 14" Ford 4-bolt steel wheels will bolt on to the back of a Saab 9000 (IIRC the offset was dodgy), but will not bolt onto the front, because they foul on the larger front brake calipers as stated above!..
I was breaking the Saab and selling the alloys, I did not drive it with the Ford wheels on.

This site has offset dimensions and centre bore diameter info too.
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