Olympics only traffic lanes - Westpig
I've seen an article in my local paper a few months back and the content has been confirmed by my local MP (Theresa Villiers- Tory)

that during the Olympics, to ensure the participants and officials don't get snagged up in the inevitable traffic jams, that they will be creating VIP Olympics only lanes... and will create legislation to ensure it's an offence to drive down them unless you are authorised.........

near where i am, the North Circular goes down to 2 lanes, because the powers that be inc Ken Livingstone have consistently refused to pay for the proper widening because that supports the 'nasty old car'.

so we'll have the prospect of the Angolan beach volleyball team swishing nicely through whilst the local residents and local tradesmen being stuck for ever more.

Deep Joy....can't wait..........particularly when you think all our council tax has been hiked for this (with more to come)and my Borough will get one edge of a cycling track.
Olympics only traffic lanes - Imagos
Well just be thankfull it's only for 2 weeks in er.. 5 years 6 months..ish.
Olympics only traffic lanes - Bill Payer
Apparently Ken was determined to ban all cars from the Olympics, but it's a condition of the contract that officials (don't think it applies to athletes) are given access by car.
Olympics only traffic lanes - Ruperts Trooper
Those of us living around Birmingham (and Manchester) are grateful that we lost the UK bid battle and that London and the South-East will get all the grief of staging the Olympics.
Olympics only traffic lanes - Collos25
Do you really believe that the stadiums will be built ,its going to be the biggest !!!!!up in the history of the consruction industry,or is it the reason for allowing untold numbers of foreign workers into the country to try and build this white elephant on time.
Olympics only traffic lanes - helicopter
I have just returned from Doha where they are staging the 15th Asian Games in two weeks or so and its a nightmare - no hotel spaces available , construction still going on everywhere . Roads are closed, being resurfaced , traffic diverted. Lorries and buses everywhere with far eastern cheap labour rushing around trying to finish off the work.

I literally found myself driving over waste ground following a Land Cruiser trying to get to the air port for a meeting because the dual carriageway main road was closed.

The cargo section at the airport has to give priority to materials for the games and everything else takes second place.

Fast forward to London 2012................and I really can see the same problems.
Olympics only traffic lanes - Armitage Shanks {p}
I laughed/choked and put coffee all over my keyboard when I read this

Transport and Olympic planners expect more than 55,000 athletes, 500,000 spectators and 120,000 staff and volunteers will be travelling to the Games each day. The rail industry is expected to go for gold with a potential 240,000 people an hour arriving at the Olympic Park by train, with one train operating every 15 seconds.

240,00 people an hour and then 100% ticket checks - "Can I see your Railcard?" etc. I don't think so!
Olympics only traffic lanes - Collos25
It just shows what clowns are running the circus,do not forget its the same people who are running the country they are in cuccoo land.
Olympics only traffic lanes - Stuartli
I note that Olympic Federation officials are already deeply worried that the event's stadia appear to be a figment of imagination at present...:-)
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Olympics only traffic lanes - Collos25
Perhaps it will be a virtual games with everybody using a playstation .
Olympics only traffic lanes - Xileno {P}
Another fine mess then to add to the list - channel tunnel, pathetic Dome thing, NHS computer system. Maybe we should evict this bunch and let Tesco run the country.
Olympics only traffic lanes - Collos25
Sounds good to me the three main parties could be Tesco,Wallmart and Sainsburys.
Olympics only traffic lanes - artful dodger {P}
>>Sounds good to me the three main parties could be Tesco,Wallmart and Sainsburys.

I personally think I would vote for Waitrose, they would be far more democratic.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Olympics only traffic lanes - MVP
No doubt government ministers and top civil servants will be able to use these priority lanes.

Hell, why not keep them after the games.

We couldn't expect the Labour party to rough it on the tubes and buses with us plebs could we?

Olympics only traffic lanes - PoloGirl
"Those of us living around Birmingham (and Manchester) are grateful that we lost the UK bid battle and that London and the South-East will get all the grief of staging the Olympics."

Er... not all the events are happening in London and the south east though. London is the figurehead but other things are spread all over the country.

Olympics only traffic lanes - jc2
All politicians will need to use them for "SECURITY" reasons.
Olympics only traffic lanes - Honestjohn
If this is to happen without incredible, unbelievable problems, they HAVE to start building now. One building project manager I spoke to is certain about this. If he was handling the project he'd be building now and he'd finish at least 12 months ahead of schedule so the public could use the facilities and get the bugs out before the event. As it is, they are heading for the biggest, most shameful lastminute, moneymilked shambles this country has ever seen and one that will make the UK the laughing stock of the world. Well, that's what he said, anyway.

Olympics only traffic lanes - Nickdm
Add the new Wembley stadium and the overdue Channel tunnel rail link to the above list too..!!

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