BMW 528ia - aden
Can anyone be kind enough to give a rough price for a 1999 T BMW528ia SE saloon, about 54000 on the clock. Immaculate order and full service history. It has what I presume to be the usual leather seats, Sports pack etc. Arelative needs to sell (non driver) following a bereavement and I would like them to get a fair price. I'm a Ford type myself and have no idea about BMW's. Cheers.
BMW 528ia - Falkirk Bairn
T/I value is roughly £3.5-£4.5K

Private sale?

Try £5K and see how it goes - a mint 528i appeals to a certain buyer. Now if it had been a Touring - I could have bought it.
BMW 528ia - aden
Many thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll pass it on. Much appreciated.

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