Nissan primera-Aprilia help? - component part
I have just bought a primera-01 Y, 62K on clock. Would like some reassurance. I can hear some tappet type noise from engine. It is not terribly loud-old Laguna was like a sewing machine but what i'd like to know is how much tappet noise you can expect and at what mileage for this 2l sr20de engined cars? Thank you.
Nissan primera-Aprilia help? - component part
Sorry for poor post i'm using a mobile phone. I'm in full on paranoia mode atm about the car being clocked, about to breakdown etc. Is it normal to hear some tappet noise from these engines and at that mileage etc? Are my oil jets blocked etc? Could an expert like Aprilia put my mind at rest, or break my heart?
Nissan primera-Aprilia help? - Aprilia
Without hearing the noise its very hard for me to say - diagnosis at a distance is difficult!. Normally these engines are quiet, apart from a little initial rattle on start-up. Is it a general rattle from the cams (i.e. pretty much all the tappets making a noise) or a regular tap from one?
If it came to me I would take the cam cover off and check it out for cam wear or oil starvation - its quick and easy to do and would put your mind at rest (or otherwise). 62k is a small mileage for these engines - providing regular oil changes have been done!
Nissan primera-Aprilia help? - component part
Thanks for your reply on this. The car has a Main Dealer history although it seems that the services were sometimes 10k or 12k rather than 9k. The oil that is in it looks gold coloured although I am planning on changing this weekend. I'm thinking of using Magnatec or Mobil 1 5W-30/40 fully synthetic.

I think I will take the cam cover off and inspect-the noise is just a fairly light tappetty sound-seems like a general rattle rather than an isolated noise. I can't hear it cruising at 60-80, just at lower speeds I can hear it a bit. I hope I can spot if the cams are worn or if oil flow is blocked?

Also gear box is a little notchy-was thinking of putting some lighter oil in as per your suggestion-what about a gearbox treatment-would you recommend anything like that?

Thanks for your help with this, I have been browsing this forum for pretty much all previous 'Primera' threads and you more than anyone else seems to know these engines and cars very well.

Nissan primera-Aprilia help? - Aprilia
Does sound like cam wear - which would be very unusual at that mileage. Take the cam cover off and look for any scoring on the the lobes and excessive wear on the noses. 5W-40 oil should be fine. With the oil filler cap off and the engine idling you should find oil is splashing about in there - if rev it a bit a fair bit of oil will splash out through the filler hole. It could be that the hydraulic lifters are sticking a bit - if no wear found then this would be a rare situation where I would recommend a flushing agent like Forte.
I wouldn't use any gearbox additive, just a good oil. a 75W-85 GL-4 is what you need - consider Castrol SMX-S or even Redline MTL (which is a 70W-80, but should be OK). A lot of cars left the factory with 75W-90 and Nissan subsequently issued a TSB suggesting a move to 75W-85 when customers report 'difficult' gear change.
Nissan primera-Aprilia help? - mark999
My old 2.0 primera had the same problem. The dealer wasn't interested (unless the tapping lasted longer than 10s) Eventually the cams siezed even though I was using Mobil 1.
The problem is that the 2 oil feed pipes that deliver oil to the cams block up. Not surprising as the supply holes are pin holes .
I suggest you take off the cam cover and clear the holes with a pin.
Nissan primera-Aprilia help? - component part
Thanks for the advice. I'll be doing some investigation this weekend. It's prob nothing it's just a fairly light ticking/tappet type sound but i do worry. Thanks for the suggestion Mark, i'll check that too. Another thing-the accelerator pedal has slack before it works the throttle-couple of mil. Is it adjusted at pedal end or throttle body end? Regards ComponentPart

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