Gatwick warning. - henry k
Further to the risk of a parking fine in the airport filling stations.

In case you missed this Item from HJ's Saturday pages

"Cameras have been fitted on both the upper and lower decks outside Gatwick Airport. Any vehicle pausing for more than three minutes is flashed and a penalty fine will arrive through the post."
Gatwick warning. - David Horn
Can they do that?
Gatwick warning. - drbe
I am puzzled by this. Three minutes? That is a very short time in which to - find a trolley - load trolley - pay driver - get receipt - give details of return flight - chase after passengers with small item left in car - then drive away.

Is it organised by the same people running the garages at Gatwick, where you are expected to fill your car with fuel, buy a magazine, buy a coffee, drink coffee, buy croissant, eat croissant, "shall we get some sweets", "yes", get sweets, pay for everything having waited in a queue at the till and depart all within twenty minutes.

What happens when the "penalty" charge notice comes through the post? If you ignore it will they issue a summons? What if you write back and say "got to heck, I will defend myself in court and issue a counter-claim"?
Gatwick warning. - MVP
I wish they'd do the same at Heathrow.

While waiting to be picked-up a couple of weeks ago, I saw several cars that didn't move for over 15-20 mins which caused chaos.

Also a lot of gypsy cabs hanging around waiting for unsuspecting punters.

Get rid of this lot ,and it shouldn't take more than a couple of minutes to get a trolley & pay the driver.

Gatwick warning. - Stuartli
Comes across as yet another easy revenue raiser.....
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Gatwick warning. - v0n
"Modernized" parking at Gatwick is now much slower and more expensive, so I presume there was just too many cars trying to dodge it by using pick up only parking. I understand why it's slower - it makes the obligatory first 15 minutes free clause redundant - you won't be able to go from entry gate to exit within 15 minutes, I understand why it's more expensive - where there is success, there are always vultures, but it only creates extra problems - last 5 miles before Gatwick you have cars parked on green verges by motorway and roundabouts left, right and center trying to dodge spending £5 for parking. And I don't blame them, they didn't choose the cheapest coach flight from one the most underdeveloped airports in the country to pay more for pickup than they paid for journey just because it takes 45 minutes to pick up one's luggage...
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Gatwick warning. - henry k
.... last 5 miles before Gatwick you have cars parked on green verges by motorway and roundabouts left, right and center trying to dodge spending £5 for parking.

As I posted before, Tesco have a very nice, safe, legal carpark just at the start of the A217 north of Gatwick so only a few minutes from the terminal when you get the " I have finally got my bags message".
You could even checkthe nice bookstall to bone up on the latest motoring press.
So do not tell your verge parkers or Tescos will soon want a payment.
Gatwick warning. - sir_hiss
Is that pausing for 3 minutes or remaining on the deck ? What happens if I roll the car forward a foot or two after 2 minutes 50 seconds - does the clock start ticking again? If you get caught I'll bet it'll be tricky to get hold of the evidence!

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