What to buy - bsnapper
I need another car but just don't know what to buy. My requirements are an automatic hatchback type car with a low boot sill and a flat boot floor as I need it to accomodate a small mobility scooter. I have a convertible SAAB 900 to sell (boo hoo) and to which I could add about £7/10,000 for the car. Unfortunately I'm a bit of a car snob and whilst for example, the Ford CMax looks ver y suitable I don' t know if I can bring myself to drive a Ford. I also have an predigistal dislike of Japanese cars. I'm making this hard for myself I know but if any of you knowledgeable guys have any suggestions they will be gratfully received.
What to buy - Dynamic Dave
as I need it to accomodate a small mobility scooter.

How small?

A Go-Go scooter fits easily into my Dad's 51 reg Astra, but it won't go into the newer shape Astra.

Looking at the money you want to spend, I imagine though that the previous shape Astra would be too old - as well as the badge being wrong.
What to buy - bsnapper
Thanks DD. The scooter is a whispa so about same size and it goes in SAAB boot even with hood down but lifting in and out getting difficult now. And yes VX badge a bit naff .
What to buy - Gromit {P}
How about a late-plate last model Saab 9-3 hatch? It'd be four years old at newest, but would do the job.

An Audi A3 or the new Volvo C30 might also suit, whichever fits your budget best. The Audi has a sensible rectangular shape boot which should accomodate the scooter well.

- Gromit
What to buy - DavidHM
VW Golf Plus or Mercedes B-Class?

Although I'd rather have a C-Max than either apart from the badge.
What to buy - ablandy
dodge caliber?

it looks to have a good size boot, with no load lip.

i dont know about the image or residuals though!

What to buy - bsnapper
Thanks for suggestions. Hadnt thought of those and will look.
What to buy - bsnapper
Why didnt I think of that I will look at SAAB and C30. The A3 was my first choice except drop from sill to boot floor is to far.

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