307Xsi Rear Brake Pads Fitting - frank_butcher
I've fitted brake pads on older Fords in my time but not something like this.

Is this easy to do?

Do I need any special tools? Or is it a case of removing the wheel, removing some caliper clips and replacing with the new part?

Would there be a procedure of bleeding / adjusting the brake fluid? This was topped up when the front pads were done 6 months ago so doesn't need changing.

I would let the garage do it but the difference now is that 6 months ago the vehicle was leased and under maintenance. Now I own it and have to pay for it myself!
307Xsi Rear Brake Pads Fitting - piston power
you just have to wind the piston back it's much easier if you have the tool but you can do it with a srewdriver and lots of patience!! crack on! good luck

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