Rover 4.6 Conversion - davidcanning
I have come by a Rover 4.6 v8 in basic form. (No electrics or inlet manifolds.) Is it possible to fit the old style front timing cover(SD1) to give me a distributor and oil pump. If so what mods are there? Your help would be appreciated. Regards Dave.
Rover 4.6 Conversion - tr7v8
Not quite that easy. Worth going to the & also giving RPi in Norwich a ring & speak to Chris Crane or one of his merry band.
Rover 4.6 Conversion - nick
If you have a Yahoo id there are a couple of good rover V8 and SD1 forums on there that will be able to help.
Rover 4.6 Conversion - bell boy
you could try and borrow this book
Rover 4.6 Conversion - Cyd

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