406 driveshafts - Quinny
Correct me if I'm wrong,but do 406 driveshafts have some sort of balancing weight on?

The reason I ask,is because I've been plagued with a slight vibration on mine,for 12 months,and despite doing the obvious of having tracking checked,wheels balanced etc,I haven't a clue as to what's causing it.It sort of comes on at about 60mph plus,and is there for about 3 seconds,goes away for the same amount of time,comes back...............

Got talking to a lad at my local ham radio club the other night,who,as well as being a tyre fitter,told about this supposed weight,as he also has a 406,albeit an older variant.

Is he telling the truth,or is he having a giraffe,and if he is telling the truth,and it does exist,how,apart from being ripped off from the dealer,can I get it so it's spot on?

406 driveshafts - jc2
Driveshafts on many cars have weights on,not to balance but to deaden vibrations.
406 driveshafts - Quinny
Ermmm...... See line 1,paragraph 2.

406 driveshafts - mjm
If the 406 layout is similar to the Xantia's, then assuming the cv joints are ok, I would be looking for wear in the offside shaft intermediate bearing.

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