RX8 - worth the trouble? - HubbaZeeCorn2
Hi All,

I am looking to buy a second hand car for around £12-13k. I currently own a old 328i coupe so would like something with a bit (lot!) of go.

Miles per gallon is not an issue as I only do around 8k per annum, but I do move my dog around a fair bit, so back seats are a necessity.

My current thinking is a 3-4yr old Mazda RX8. My only concern is that the engine floods if turned off before it heats through. If I understand things correctly this can only be 'un-flooded' by a Mazda dealer and so would mean a lot of hassle, if this was a common problem.

I work around 8 miles from where I live, so thought this would be an issue. Anyone have any comments?

I am open to other cars, but have my heart set on the Mazda.

Thanks in anticipation of anyone's comments
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Halmer
My recollection is that this is the worst possible car you could go for given the rotary engine and your (apparent) short trips/low annual mileage.

Others may disagree.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - jc2
Hasn't it got an awful exhaust note;sounds like an 850 mini!!!
RX8 - worth the trouble? - BazzaBear {P}
I would imagine 8 miles was far enough for the engine to have reached operating temperature, and if so theoretically shouldn't be an issue.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Quinny100
If you are going in to it with your eyes open and are aware of the flooding issues, <20mpg fuel consumption in urban use and its voracious appetite for expensive engine oil and are willing to live with that then they are a decent car. Be aware that the higher powered version's power figures are usually a bit optimistic too. The engine note is an acquired taste and its not a car well suited to high speed motorway crusing becuase of the noise.

I know a couple of people who have bought them "blind" and were sold them as though they are no different to any normal car in the class. One got rid very quickly as it wasn't suited to short trips, the other guy I know with one still has it and quite likes it apart from the fuel and oil costs.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - stunorthants
My mum had the option and she chose the Hyundai Coupe V6 over the RX-8 without any hesitation, not just on price, but sheer drivability as the RX-8 lacks torque whereas the Hyundai can pull away from tickover in 6th gear, yet revs to over 6000rpm aswell.
Its also got all the kit including a very useful cruise control set up.

Its not the fastest to 60 ( 8.3 secs ) but it has great midrange pull and would benefit from a free-flow exhaust which would make a lovely noise and release some more power.

Its like a modern Capri except with far better handling. Will always make the alternatives look overpriced even as a used car.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Altea Ego
There are better looking, better handling, better performing, more economical, more practical cars around than this.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Audikid

Friend at work has one. Had it from new now done 75k miles and its been faultless apart from flooding twice. First time car had been left for 3 weeks during January and the battery wasn't 100% on return and didn't spin the engine fast enough to fire and just ended up flooded. Second time car was moved about meters and switched off from cold and wouldn't restart. RAC man called and problem cleared the issue. Usual trick of removing fuel pump fuse and heavy cranking :-)

I've driven it a few times and think its a fantastic engine but wouldn't touch one due to the huge oil and petrol consumption.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Roly93
There are better looking, better handling, better performing, more economical, more
practical cars around than this.

I think you are absolutely right there, the RX8 is more of an interesting plaything than a real useable car, as there are so many restrictions on what you are advised to do and not to do, as well as the poor fuel consumption.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Lud
There are better looking, better handling, better performing, more economical, more
practical cars around than this.
TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >

But none as downright peculiar through and through TVM... that must count for something. I really like a nice peculiar motor.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Altea Ego
well apart from the door opening arrangement, and the rotary engine, how peculiar is it? not peculiar through and through,.

It fits into my "would sell it if someone gave it to me" category.

Use the money to buy a light 15 and get the same door arrangement.

TourVanMan TM < Ex RF >
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Falkirk Bairn
Look at the papers - how many new / nearly new RX8s are about - lots -
fuel consumption is a big concern as are doubts on drinking oil / flooding etc
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Ian G
Assumming you want to oriental, have you thought about a Subaru Impreza WRX sportwagon? £13k will get you an 04 WRX turbo with faily low miles.

Loads of room for the dog (or other stuff), 0-60 in under 6 seconds, bags of torque and great handling. Downside is IG19, mpg 30, have fallen into the hands of chavs and reliability doesn't seem great.

Saying that, your 328i Coupe is IG 16 and has worse mpg.

I've got a jap turbo and an 8 mile trip shouldn't cause problems as long as you let the (fully synth) oil get hot /cool down before enthusiastic driving.

RX8 - worth the trouble? - Aprilia
I wonder how many of the comments above come from people who have driven or really know anything about the RX8?

Oil consumption is around 600-1000 miles per pint - hardly 'voracious' - there are quite a few 'ordinary' cars that consume this much or more (ask an Alfa driver...). Just make sure you check it each weekend. It doesn't require any special oil - it needs a 5W-30 semi-synth (NOT fully synth). Magnatec is fine. In fact the rotary engine is fairly 'easy' on oil spec., so long as the oil burns without leaving too much residue. Mpg is around 22mpg, which is not too bad for a 2600cc 200+ bhp car..

I used to own an RX-3 and have driven both versions of the RX-8. As with any rotatry the torque is more or less proportional to RPM - that means they are not good for urban crawling. Also on the 230 version you have a 6-speed box with fairly close ratios - that means a lot of gearchanging. I found the lower powered version with the 5-speed box to be nicer to drive. Both are very rapid and as with any powerful RWD car you have to take care, I wouldn't like to drive one on icy roads. Motorway noise levels are not too bad and of course the engine does sound 'different' but not unpleasant.

Finally, one snag is that the brakes are rather too powerful for the car, which makes them feel over-sensitive and snatchy.

Flooding has been mentioned, but is something of a 'red herring'. A number of cars suffer this (including stuff as diverse as BMW and Nissan Micras) - the solution is disable the fuel pump (pull the fuse or the relay) and crank the engine on an open throttle to clear it. The average owner is unlikely to suffer it unless they habitually 'shuffle' cars for a few minutes at a time on cold mornings - when the post-start enrichment kicks in. Rotaries need extra enrichment because of the low combustion chamber surface-area:volume ratio.

Other than that they are a fine car and bear comparison with any other coupe - I would certainly choose one over a Hyundai, although I'd have a Nissan Z above all.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Halmer
I haven't driven one and I don't really know anything about the RX8 but I'm still entitled to a view.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - madf
Of course you are entitled to a view. We all are:-)
And as a reader of this thread, I'll treat your view with all the gravitas that your experience and knowledge of the car in question deserves:-)
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Vansboy
Ok, so you're aware of the 'known' poroblems anyway & other Broomers have got them easily dealt with, for you.

Now here's my bit... as you're looking used, you'll have EXCEPTIONAL value for £$£$ new, will, in MOST cases been either fleet user chooser vehicles, or
Mazda 'enthusiasts' , who had been in Mx5, or away from the brand, due to lack of an appropriate model, for them.

Either way, the former will have a good main dealer history & later also, plus spotlessly presented.

So you won't go far wrong, with either!

The things I don't like...

The 'funky' trim, especially the leather colured seats, not wearing too well on some higher mileage auction examples.

Sunroof option, if fitted, is too far back, due to the curves of the actual roofline.

The lump protruding & rubbing against the side of your left leg, on the transmission tunnel, in the footwell, is uncofortable enough for you to not be able to sit properly.

& THE worst thing of all, Lightning Yellow pearlescent body colour, was only available for a verrrrry short time in UK, so you might not find one in this, the BEST colour!! Do a Google Image search for yellow Rx8 & see what I mean!!

Better grad one quick - else you'll end up with an Audi TT, by mistake!!

RX8 - worth the trouble? - T Lucas
Aprilia,as ever spot on,and just to add i used to own a RX3 Coupe and have driven/owned later RX7s and 8s and would not worry about owning one today.In my lottery winners garage i would most definitley have a '74 RX3 coupe,they ocasionally come up on ebay Australia,and i am often tempted to push the buy button.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Lud
Those first RX3s, podgy little Japanesey things that went like rockets, remember one getting wheelspin in Portobello Road on a weekday, but perhaps I'm romanticising and perhaps it was a Thursday...
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Pugugly {P}
Don't forget Norton's final death throe - that bike was a smoothie.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Nomag
Agree with Aprilia, they are well priced second hand compared with the competition, 22mpg is fine for this performance, and the engine note is just different, not unpleasant.
In fact, I'd love to source a 192 RX8 engine for my Ro80! And all this coming from a guy who drives day to day a torquey VW Group 2.0 TDi
RX8 - worth the trouble? - jase1
I get the impression that for some people, if it isn't a Laguna or Mondeo TDi, then it isn't worth bothering with.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - tr7v8
Loads of RX8's here as personal cars (no Co. cars) everyone I speak to is more than happy, they all mention fuel consumption & 22mpg is the best, used hard or aound tound it's sub 20's. But the all reckon oil use is nothing to worry about & just top it up every so often.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I seem to remember that the official Mazda advice was not to use the RX8 for trips less than 14 miles.
A backroomer got very uptight a while back about this as he wanted a car suitable fror driving a mile or so to the station.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Dynamic Dave
A backroomer got very uptight a while back about this as he wanted a car suitable fror driving a mile or so
to the station.

Who subsequently turned out to be nothing but a wind up merchant.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - Lud
subsequently turned out to be nothing but a wind up

Not on this forum, surely? You must have misunderstood him DD.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - nortones2
PU: you can have one for a mere £15,000: www.nortonmotors.co.uk/Bikes.htm Parts and service on offer from Norton Motors, and a potted history on the site. No connection with me I should point out.
RX8 - worth the trouble? - HubbaZeeCorn2
I'd like to thank everyone for their contribution to this thread. I can't say that I have made up my mind yet, but all your information will help.

My heart says yes... my mind, well not sure. Most importantly I need to broach this with my better half (lol).

One thing I have learnt is that this is a very useful site and I'll try and contribute where I can.

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