Wife wants new car - GrahamS
My wife is currently running a VW Polo 1.4 Match 52-plate. It's a nice little car and I quite like using it. However, she ocassionally goes to visit her mother, and is finding it hard to get a fold-up wheelchair up and over the boot lip so she can take her mother out on a jolly, and un-load said wheelchair. It's just plain awkward to try and get it through the rear doors.

Any suggestions for something easier to load a wheelchair into would be welcome. She is not fussed wether it's petrol or diesel, but forget the Berlingo/Kangoo type setup as it needs to look relatively normal for daily use.
Wife wants new car - Westpig
what about a small estate.......my wife had a Peugeot 306 2.0 HDI Meridian estate before the current one....... well economical, drove quite well, air con, half leather seats etc........and to the point of your post ...the boot was well easy to load.

it's not the largest car in the world, so parking etc shouldn't be an issue
Wife wants new car - DavidHM
Skoda Fabia estate would be the most similar to her current car.

Otherwise she could look at something like a Nissan Note, Honda Jazz or Renault Modus.

What's the budget?
Wife wants new car - barchettaman
Fiat Marea estate. Very low loading ´lip´.
Wife wants new car - type's'
What about a Jazz with the 'magic seats' in the back for the wheel chair.
Wife wants new car - menu du jour
I am disabled and a wheelchair user. I can get my chair into the rear of my Jazz with only the smallest of the "magic" seats folded.
Wife wants new car - GrahamS
My thoughts were drawn to the Jazz, as HJ recommends it. The Fiat build quaility is a bit suss I'm led to believe and resale value not good. Nissan Note is interesting option. I thought the Fabia was being upgraded/replaced next year.

The budget is probably about 10K incl. p/x. We're into one year old cars, let someone else take the initial hit!

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