Rover 25 214 manual - p999bry
My daughter's car is suffering severe problems in attempting to move away after starting. If it was an old car you could simply pull the choke out. It is just as if it is going to cut out when the accelerator is depressed and it only gets better when the engine is warm. An independent Rover mechanic has said he thinks the ECU needs reconfiguring or replacing. Does it sound like this is the problem or is there anything simpler to try first. Clearly the ECU is not telling the system to deliver a rich mixture when the engine is cold. Can these be reconfigured by a dealer who still has the old MG Rover equipment?

I can buy another ECU fron car breakers, complete with immobiliser unit and a key fob. Would they be a direct replacement and not need reconfiguring or programming.

Thanks anyone out there for any help. We keep throwing good money after bad with a HOME TUNE man £65 and the independent mechanic £30. He installed new plugs and cleaned the crankshaft sensor. P999BRY
Rover 25 214 manual - Civic8
You could try the air temp sensor on the inlet manifold,if this fails, it can either run weak or overfuel!
Rover 25 214 manual - boll
I would agree it may need configuring, you could see if there is any green rust on the plug top coils could cause a problem, but i would most likely say this is the front oxygen sensor, if it was this would get better when warm

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