Ford KA loose Mc-strut mountings? - howy868
I discovered by chance that, with the front wheels off the ground, there is horizontal and vertical free movement (maybe 3mm vertically) between the suspension leg top mounts and the body 'turrets' - as if the top nut had not been tightened completely.
This is on both sides. The car is a '52 plate but with only 5000 (genuine) miles on the clock.
The nuts are tight and don't appear to have been disturbed.
Of course there is no movement under load and no knocks or apparent tyre wear (original week 20 '02 dated tyres with vertually no wear).
Any ideas?
Ford KA loose Mc-strut mountings? - jc2
No problem-that is normal on a Ka or so my MOT tester tells me.
Ford KA loose Mc-strut mountings? - gadgee
Yes can confirm that all is ok. I noticed this when I owned a Ka - got quite worried about it at first!!

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