peugeot radio code.. - carless
Following on from last postings had the car fixed, the battery was re charge. This made me lose the use of my radio. Does anybody know the factory code for a peugeot 306 1.4 lx 2000 w reg. Or know where i can get it de-coded cheaply. For all those who suggested an earth fault you were correct and thank you.

peugeot radio code.. - Statistical outlier
I was able to obtain the radio code from a Peugeot dealer in about 20 mins. They needed sight of the V5, the chassis number (or was it engine number?) and then just rang their central office. It's all stored on computer from when it was built. Easy and free, I even got a coffee while I was waiting.

peugeot radio code.. - GeordieGuy
Check-out Ebay - loads of sellers offering to email you the correct code for older models. You may need to remove your radio to get access to its serial number. The Ebay service does work - and for a couple of quid!

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