W Astra Power Steering Noise - Usualthing
The power steering on my W reg / 2000 Astra 1.8SXi starts a droning whine as soon as the engine is running. Above 30 MPH the engine drowns it out. While the car is stationary touching the steering wheel makes it change in pitch.

Bearing in mind the age of the car if this is a harmless "characteristic" I am happy to ignore it. But if it is a sign something is about to fail... Advice please.

W Astra Power Steering Noise - elekie&a/c doctor
The power steering on these is electric/hydraulic,there is no engine driven pump.First thing to check is the fluid level .The filler neck is at the rear of engine bay set down low,passenger side.Also make sure the alternator and charging circuit are up to spec.An excessively high or low charging voltage can make the pas erratic.hth
W Astra Power Steering Noise - redviper
Hi - Its the PAS Pump

Have a look on the CBC Breakdown "What to look out for" , Mine (52) does this as well, and its a known issue,

Its something that i just put up with really -

W Astra Power Steering Noise - Ruperts Trooper
When stationary, not moving the steering wheel, or driving in "hands-off" position, the electro-hydraulic power steering on your Astra SHOULDN'T be working - so it should be totally silent.

If you move the wheel when stationary, the noise increase is the electric pump cutting IN.

If you have a noise when steering straight, it could be a faulty - air-con pump, alternator or alternator belt.
W Astra Power Steering Noise - Usualthing
Not much success yet.

I found the top up for the power steering but couldn't see the actual fluid level or any min/max level markers. I intend to buy some fluid and try topping it up a little anyway. See if it helps. Or is that a big mistake?

As for the noise I can confirm there is a constant droning whine once the engine is running and it changes pitch with the slighest touch on the steering wheel. I am certain it is always there although above 20 MPH or so the engine noise drowns it out. That is why I assumed it must be the power steering.

I don't usually have the air conditioning on so I don't think it's that.

If it is the alternator or cam belt is there a simple way to confirm the diagnosis and is there a simple cure?

W Astra Power Steering Noise - defender
you could always try this ,it says it eliminates noise from ps systems
W Astra Power Steering Noise - Ruperts Trooper
The CONSTANT droning ISN'T the power steering!

The additional noise when the steering wheel is moved slightly IS the power steering and is normal on Mk4 Astras.

The power steering level marks are either on the dipstick integral with the PS cap or attached to the bottom of the gauze filter, depent on which make of PS is fitted. Don't overfill. Use the correct (green) fluid from a Vauxhall dealer. There's some suggestion that Dexron 3 auto transmission oil will work fine as a cheaper substitute.

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