VW new car warranty - Anti corrosion - PaulC2004
Hopefully someone can help. Had a MK5 golf on 04 plate so just under 3yrs old. Took the car in recently to vdub as the lacquer has blown off the alloy wheels and looks a mess. Trying to get all replaced on the anti corrosion warranty, but I suspect dealer will bounce it on the fact that its done over 60k miles.
Can anyone please advise if they suspect that the anti corrosion warranty is not mileage dependant ? also I suspect it'd be longer than 3 yrs!
VW new car warranty - Anti corrosion - Caveman
Are you sure youre not confusing anti corrosion for anti perforation?
VW new car warranty - Anti corrosion - PaulC2004
Might be, If I knew what it was ??

VW new car warranty - Anti corrosion - PaulC2004
Just read up on vdub site:
12 years anti perforation warranty - as long as the problem is reported within the first 3 years !!
Very strange!!!!!!!!
VW new car warranty - Anti corrosion - Dynamic Dave
Anti perforation - rust holes appearing in the bodywork from the backside of the body panel.
anti corrosion - where rust has formed due to a stone chip being left open, or a repaired panel that hasn't been resprayed properly in accordance to VW policy. In short, external surface rust.

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Yes, it appears that VW's come with a 3 yr paint warranty. However, and I quote from the weblink "The defect must not be due to external influences such as accident damage, climatic, thermal, chemical or industrial pollution, insufficient care or maintenance."

VW *could* argue that the laquer coming off the wheels was caused by chemical polution from brake dust, a cleaning product was used that stripped the laquer, or 'insufficient care or maintenance' where the wheels weren't cleaned on a regular basis (ie, the chemical polution from brake dust).

I'm not saying for one moment that is the case, but you would have to try and prove to VW that it isn't.

Of course this could all be insignificant as the warranty does only apply to vehicles with less than 60k, and may only cover bodywork and not wheels anyway.
VW new car warranty - Anti corrosion - rtj70
Hope I am wrong, but anti-corrosion surely cover the cars bodywork? Aluminium for examples corrodes far faster than most metals - but it is the corrosion (i.e. Aluminium Oxide) which stops any further corrosion.

I know alloys wheels are alloys and not solid aluminium, but I'd be surprised if they'd actually corrode without the lacquer beyond an initial layer of oxide.

The lacquer on alloys is surely cosmetic??? And who's to say it's not come off due to kerb damage for instance.

I'd have said any pitting to alloys is more likely to be because of salt-petre/gritt on the roads.

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