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I would appreciate anyones opinion as to the lifespan of a runflat as opposed to normally 'aspirated' tyres. Am about to test drive a vehicle this weekend and in my research can only find tyres at £160 a piece and comments at the what car site about the tyres not lasting at all well! (yes I am testing an E60 touring m sport-braced for the boneshaker ride!). Any comments/knowledge would be gratefully recieved.
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Hi Pilot

I've been driving around in a E90 320si since start of September and i've covered 6k miles. The wheels on my 320si are 18" so I thought I was in for a boneshaker ride - especially with the firm suspension. So far I have been very impressed with the grip available and ride. Also amazed at how quick I can go around a roundabout with no tyre squeal. Any bumps in the road just feel very similar to my dad old Rover 620.

The tyres are very expensive - However I don't tend to worry about tyre cost as someone else is paying (company car).

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For Information there was a review of run flats in recent AutoExpress 11th October.
It was quite positive about them, and conclusion was that on cars designed for them e.g. BMW 3 series they perform better on run flats than standard tyres
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I have got the e87 on 17 inch rims. The first set of tyres werent great, and I had to replace the rears due to a puncture and wear at 15k (probably would have gone to 20k otherwise). However the replacement set have been superb and have really improved the car. I'm using Bridgestone Potenzas and HJ made a comment at the time that Bridgestone had made some improvements.
For what its worth I had a puncture whilst on the motorway and wouldnt have known if it wasnt for the pressure sensor alarm. The original tyres on the front are still going strong at 30k and are not near the wear indicators yet.

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I can't speak about the lifespan of the RFT but the ride quality and handling is much better without them. E90s on RFT aren't a great guidleline as the implementation on the E90 is much more successful than the E60 and gives more comfortable ride as a result. If you look at the forum on you'll find out everything you need to know as there are always a couple of live threads debating just this issue.
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Friend had an E60 530d on run-flats. They had a flat so carried on slowly, but the tyre shredded after a few miles. In the end BMW paid to swop all their tyres for normal, and povided a spare wheel, which I think was pretty good service. Personally I would avoid run-flats if possible.
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My sister/brother in law have a 5 series with big wheels and run-flats.

They hate the car as it gives such an uncomfortable and harsh ride, and can't wait to hand it in at the end of the lease (they much prefer their Pug 30x!!!)

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