Mazda 626 2litre Auto - Phil I
Local motor with 96K on M plate - one owner v.tidy - in dark green (eugh) .They are asking £595 . What do you think Oldman , worth punt or leave it alone?
Your advice valued.

Phil I
Mazda 626 2litre Auto - Marc
My FIL has one of these on a K plate as his work car/runaround. He's owned it for the last 7/8 years and it's now done well over 100k. No rust on it and it stands up to some abuse trim wise. Don't think it's ever let him down yet.

I believe parts are expensive though and I don't know whether the car you're looking at is worth £595.
Mazda 626 2litre Auto - Hamsafar
I had a later one of the same car, around 6 years ago, it was the worst car I ever had (based on Ford Probe - designed by a women incidently). The prices of parts were like Bentley parts and no motor factors could get them, e.g. electric aerial £275, rear antiroll bar link £47. I'd say just get a Mondeo, I wished I had. The autos are also very week, I didn't have one but remember people spitting feathers on the internet forum I was a member of.
Mazda 626 2litre Auto - Sprice
Yeah, the autos are known to be very weak on the 626 (its a Ford unit IIRC), so best avoid to be honest!

For that money, you'd pick up a decent Accord (you'd be surprised what you could get for £600).
Mazda 626 2litre Auto - local yokel
Accord for £600 (or less)
Mazda 626 2litre Auto - Phil I
>Accord for £600 or less ://tiny url.

Link didn't work fo me but tracked it down to 160046770698. Just a bit oop north for me. Might get lost on the way from Zummerset. Thanks for the lead tho.

Phil I
Mazda 626 2litre Auto - stevied
Never heard Gloucester described as "oop North" before!! I think of it as "darn Sarf".
Mazda 626 2litre Auto - Phil I
I would not consider Gloucester as 'oop north' either. On my screen 160046770698 is located in West Lothian!!

Phil I
Mazda 626 2litre Auto - Phil I
Ah: found yr Gloucestershire Accord now Stevie. Yet another sickening Green car but thanks for the lead. Have put it on watch and might pop up the road and look at it at weekend.

Phil I

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