Auction price - birtchn
Hi Could anybody tell me what sort of price does a 52-53 406 hdi estate go for at auction.

Auction price - Vansboy
Bit of an awkward Q that one - so many derivatives/engine/trim levels.

But less £3500 for something rep-spec & 120k, up to £5500ish for more 'sensible' miles & higher trim level.

Guess you've already cliked the AuctionView link to our left, but what you'd best look for are the Peugeot BRANDED sales -you'll have a reasonably well maintained end of lease vehicle, that way.

I actually looked hard n long for one of these, for myself, before discovering the exceptional value in the Omega I bought 2 years ago. It was VERRRRRY dificult to find a nice one, without paint defects, or being over priced, so don't expect a fast result, if you're as fussy as me!!


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