99 Passat TDI (PD) - cv joint problems? - L.Cleaver1
Hi All

I have heard a "knocking" sound on turning left for the last couple of days and booked into local garage to have a look next week (I suspect the problem is a cv joint).....however, on 35 mile journey home tonight a loud squeaking sound has started to develop - it seemed to get louder under loaded suspension. I've just tried steering when the car is stationary and the loud squeak is heard (before anyone asks I don't think it's the tyres on the tarmac!)

Is the car safe to drive until next week or should I get it to the garage sooner?

Any ideas/help appreciated, eg would a cv joint on the way out make such a squeak?

99 Passat TDI (PD) - cv joint problems? - 547HEW
Cant comment on whether safe to drive without inspection, but this may be of interest. My 2001MY Golf suffered a split CV boot after 100,000 very gentle mainly motorway miles. The split was picked up by the MoT inspection just as the split was starting to develop, so only a new boot was required.

Clearly an undetected split could have occurred on this 99 vehicle, causing loss of grease and ingress of water bearing grit.

I would get it to a garage ASAP

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