"import" car. - khizman
I am looking at a 52 plate 530d sport auto. The price is £12k with 72k, sunroof, and xenons.

Now, the car has 1 previous owner (I would be the third) it all looks excellent until I ring bmw, who say the car is an import.
I investigate further and it turns out a dealer in Germany had sold the car to a UK induvidual based in scotland, this car then found its way to a private dealer in scotland and the car was sold to an induvidual in London.

Now this car is a full UK spec car, with all the UK trimmings, serviced by uk dealers etc. HPI shows it isn't an import. Is there anything I should be wary about regarding this car? The price seems average, considering its a nice colour and decent interior. The only giveaway is that BMW uk dont recognise the car (they have to check their international system which shows all the options on the car) and the pdi was done by some germans.

I have never come accross this before, is it worth going for?
"import" car. - Pugugly {P}
Well, if its a nice car in a nice colour with the right kit at the right price, what's the problem ? Has it got a warranty ?

Cracking motor with the best engine.
"import" car. - Armitage Shanks {p}
ALL BMWs are imports! They are built abroad - go with what Pugugly says!
"import" car. - khizman
no, its too old and its a private seller.
"import" car. - bell boy
seems to have been up and down the isles a triffle is there someyhing to hide?
"import" car. - khizman
it started life in scotland, a dealer in Scotland got hold of it and sold it to someone in london, hardly suspicious.
"import" car. - bell boy
so your happy with
hpi full print out in front of you
import status
the fact its gone from one end of country to another
the amount of former keepers
nodding dog on back shelf
what else do you want?
"import" car. - Armitage Shanks {p}
"no, its too old and its a private seller." Well if that is what you think and it gives you a problem don't buy it! What is wrong with a car on a 52 plate - age wise?
"import" car. - Pugugly {P}
Basically you're getting one of the finest all round cars of it's time, the prettiest, the best engine and the best image of the BMW range (i.e. its not a 3 series - not that I have a probelm with 3s,I loved mine to bits - its not a 7) Take it for a drive, breathe it in if its right for you you will know it. Get it checked over by an indie if it makes you feel better, but you'll "know" if its the one for you, the import thing is a distraction unless you're looking to chop it in in a couple of years - this model will do another 70k and still feel good. Buy and enjoy.
"import" car. - Armitage Shanks {p}
I'd bet good money that this car was bought by Serviceman or diplomat, on an overseas tour in Germany and then sold (at a slight profit) into the UK dealership network. It may have been an RAF person at Leuchars, Lossiemouth or Kinloss. Nothing wrong with that and it would explain why a German garage did the PDI and, maybe, the first service.
I had 4 Mercs on this deal and made enough money to buy a very modest house for cash and all 100% legal I might add!
"import" car. - khizman
the layout of this forum allows for some serious misinterpretations lol.

That quote is in reply to the querstion "does it have a warranty"
I dont have a problem with a 4yr 72k FBMWSH car, otherwise i wouldnt be looking at them!
"import" car. - Armitage Shanks {p}
Khizman - aplogies for the sarcastic and abrupt tone! I normally keep it for work!
"import" car. - MichaelR
Do it. In terms of feel my 140k mile 51 plate 530i Sport is indistinguishable from my fathers 40k mile 51 plate 530d SE, other than the expected differences between Sport and SE. Condition is also identical.

These cars do proper mileages without many issues if they are looked after...

And 52 plate and private sale isn't neccesarily too old for warranty - my 51 plate was bought privately and has BMW warranty and MOT insurance until the end of the year.

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