Yaris - power loss - Chad.R
SWMBO's Yaris started playing up yesterday; It seemed to loose power/revs momentarily at anywhere between 2-3k rpm. Didn't happen all the time and not at a specific engine speed.

It is coming up for a service and will be booked in soon but I'd like to have an inkling of any potential problems before I hand it (and my wallet) over to the garage.

Yaris - power loss - Chad.R
Been running the car every other day or so without any problems for the last couple of weeks. However today the engine management light came on and stayed on - the car performs as usual and I haven't had any of the power loss symptoms....

The Em light stays on, though I've stopped and re-started several times - it stays lit when ignition is on.

My question is, will I need to take it to a Toyota dealer or will an independant be able to read the codes/diagnose etc. ?


P.S. ....and no, I haven't managed to get it serviced since my first post.
Yaris - power loss - Aprilia
Any decent garage should be able to read the EOBD codes; for proprietry codes you will need a dealer.
Yaris - power loss - Chad.R
Thanks, though I suppose I should have worded my question a bit better.....

Given the situation with the EM light etc. and the previous power loss episodes - would I be better off taking it straight to a dealer?


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