Water feature in my Mazda 323 1.3? - stunorthants
Im not sure if this is related to my issues with cooling but may well be.

I can hear a sound much like bubbling/gurgling water coming from anywhere between the gearstick and the dashboard.

My car is still running slightly cool and Im going to change the thermostat again, but it was starting to do this before the thermostat was ever changed and the car was running normally, so Im not sure its related.

The strangest thing about it is that it only happens when the car is accelarting, usually between 1/4 and 1/2 throttle and not so much at higher revs.

My first instinct was that the sound is coming from the heater if not being the cause.

Ive never had a car that does this so Im abit lost as to what it could be?
Water feature in my car? - Caveman
Ive never had a car that does this

And what car would that be then? Gissa clue.
Water feature in my car? - Jamesh266
The gurgling is probably caused by an air-lock in the cooling system. Did you bleed the system properly after changing the thermostat?
Water feature in my car? - stunorthants
Well it was bled very throughly, but the problem was BEFORE the thermostat was changed and has been getting progressively worse. It does seem to be not so bad when the car is warmed up.

The heater works very well so I dont think its failed.

Car is 1986 Mazda 323 1.3 {added to subject header for less vagueness - DD}
Water feature in my car? - ffidrac {P}
I'd go along with the air in the system idea, you will only get the 'bubbling/gurgling ' sound when there is air present in the system.
Imagine how loud a town full of centrally heated houses would be if water always made that sound when being pumped around!
Water feature in my car? - braindead
is the coolant turning dark ?
sounds like poss head gasket /cracked head

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