SEAT Toledo Water leak - mss1tw
Anyone who has worked on VAG cars will know the rubbish design of the pollen filter housing.

I have just taken the pollen filter out of my Toledo, and although being very dirty, it's not damp.

Those of you who have had the problem - was your pollen filter damp?

My car only seems to leak in the passenger side, and I have noticed in the service history that it had a new windscreen.

It's not the doors as I saw water drip down from the shelf under the glove box during the storms we had a few months ago. The water seems to be coming from the very back right of the passenger footwell. It's dripping from some polystyrene type material. I couldn't see any coming from the passeger footwell heater vent.

Has anyone seen this before? Any advice appreciated.
SEAT Toledo Water leak - George Porge
Might be worth looking here for water leak info


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