206 in Malaysia - aahbarnes
The 206 has been released in malaysia under the Naza badge:

206 in Malaysia - stevied
"So to be more respectable and precise to describe Naza position. It is better to put forward idea on ?selling tune-up car? or ?assembling tune-down/flat car?! Naza Bistari, Sutera, Ria, Citra, Sorento, etc all are ?tune-down/flat cars?, not ?rebadge?, ?ah beng? or ?R3″ cars." says Joe Noi, and who are we to argue eh?
206 in Malaysia - bell boy
looks better built to me------------

206 in Malaysia - carl_a
I believe that they are also going to sell the 206 in China and its going to be marketed as a Citroen, due to that brand being better known there.
206 in Malaysia - bell boy
i would like to see how the chinese say citroen?anybody?
206 in Malaysia - carl_a
Here you go img292.imageshack.us/img292/6519/untitled3iw3.jpg
206 in Malaysia - bell boy
well thats pretty bad a new model and its already bwoken pewgot eat your art out ;-)
206 in Malaysia - sic102

Here's a better pic - I prefer the "C2" in Europe...
206 in Malaysia - mare
C2 and a half surely ;-)

Seriously, that's a good facelift on the 206 to make into the C2 China, really good styling job.

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