pug 205 starting problems - dirtywomble
I have a 1992 205 1.1 (carb) Problem is it will start when cold but after being driven about and turned off it won't start again. The engine turns over fine but won't fire. Have replaced the distributor and cap and put on a brand new coil with a new lead but no difference. Any ideas???
pug 205 starting problems - Collos25
Fuel vapourisation have you lost a heat sheald ?
pug 205 starting problems - dirtywomble
I don't know. Where abouts would the heat shield be?
pug 205 starting problems - RichardW
You need to stand back a bit and think about first. Is it a manual or auto choke? How long does it need before it won't start - a couple of minutes, or fully warm? If only a couple of minutes, then will it start when fully warm? Have you established whether it's a fuel fault or a ignition fault (does it spark when you try cranking it?). Presumably this is the TU series engine (the upright one) rather than the earlier laid back engine - they are not know for fuel vaporisation faults (but it's possible). The ignition amplifiers do however give trouble when the heat up.

Is it illogical? It must be Citroen....
pug 205 starting problems - psi
had this problem on my h reg 1.1 205 manual choke, i.e. starts fine when cold, does not want to know when hot - it was running rich
pug 205 starting problems - dirtywomble
i will check that out. tvm
pug 205 starting problems - dirtywomble
its a manual choke. took it out last night for 10 mins, stopped the engine and then it just turned over quick enough but not firing. on the old coil there was no spark when a screwdriver was placed on it!!! so thought it must have been that. replaced with a new one but fault still persists.
pug 205 starting problems - dirtywomble
just to let you all know the problem has been solved. It was the ignition module that was at fault.

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