honda civic 1997 airbag light on - rip
car is a Honda civic 1997 R reg. the SRS airbag light is staying on

The car was washed a few hours earlier, then the airbag light was staying on, not sure if the car wash is related.

Ive had a look for the connectors under the seat but cant see any, anyone advise

honda civic 1997 airbag light on - Falkirk Bairn
May or may not be related but I had engine Mgt light come on - reset by dealer for £61. Came on again within 2-3 days - disconnected battery and the light went out and has been OK since.

I know the SRS bag is important but if it is a "transient fault" disconnecting the battery for 10 mins may cure it. If it is a "real fault" in the SRS the light will stay on.

Worth a go as alll you have to lose really are the stations on the radio - make sure you have the 3 or 4 digit code for the radio.
honda civic 1997 airbag light on - Aprilia
Turn ign off for min 10 seconds

Bridge the two-pole diagnostic connector under the dash.

SRS light comes on for 6 seconds and then flashes.

Read the fault code (long flashes and short flashes - in the usual 'Japanese' format),

Make a not of fault code.

Turn ign off

Wait 10 seconds and remove connector jumper.
honda civic 1997 airbag light on - rip

can you explain further. where exactly should i be looking for this connector. thanks
honda civic 1997 airbag light on - Aprilia
Connector should be at far left hand side under the dash (to the left side of the glove box). There will be two connectors dangling down togther - a two pin conn., and a 3 or 5-pin connector. its the 2-pin connector that you want.
honda civic 1997 airbag light on - rip
Ive had a look under the glovebox, cannot see any loose connectors only the fan heater. Anything else i can do before taking it to a garage?


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