SAAB 9-5 Gearbox oil change - Alebear
My 122,000 mile 9-5 is still running as well as ever, and I try to ensure this is so by regular servicing and care. My dealer is very reluctant to change the gearbox oil though.
I thought it was a good idea, as the gear changing is a bit stiffer than my Volvo s80, and I imagined it would prolong the life of the box.
The dealer first suggested it to be an impossible task without removing the box, but later merely said it was very diffcult, and not recommended unless the clutch was to be changed too. This is contrary to what the Haynes manual implies (2 spanners).
The dealer has, over the years gone out of its way to cater for my demands, and I feel is one of the best in terms of professionalism and courtesy. However, this matter has left me rather confused. Your thoughts?
SAAB 9-5 Gearbox oil change - Mike H
Just done said job on my 9-5. It is very easy, just needs a 13mm socket (preferably hexagonal rather than multi-point) for the drain plug, and a bit of flexy tube plus small kitchen funnel to enable the new oil to be poured into the correct orifice for which you need a hex wrench (can't remember the size). The information at explains all. You need to preorder 5 litres of MTF0063 transmission oil, which will cost about £50. It may, or may not, make any difference to your gearchange - the reason I did it was that I had the oil changed at my my local garage and they put in some ordinary stuff. This in turn caused graunching when I put the car in reverse more often than not. So I changed the oul for the MTF0063, which has stopped the graunching but I can't say the gearchange is any easier.

If the gearchange has recently become stiff, there is a mechanism on top of the gearbox which fractured on mine and caused it to be slightly awkward. Having said that, the 9-5 gearchange isn't the best in the world, and you will probably have to live with it. If it's any consolation, my car has done 167,000 and it's no better or worse than when I got it five years ago.

Finally, for the future, make sure you take a peek at , there is a 9-5 forum full of friendly and more or less techy guys, plus a few real anoraks!! You will get quick and accurate answers to all your questions...
SAAB 9-5 Gearbox oil change - Alebear
Some really useful stuff here, many thanks!
SAAB 9-5 Gearbox oil change - Alebear
I have just got the fluid changed by a local SAAB specialist. For those who may be interested in such work, it has made a considerable difference to the quality of the gear change: much improved.
I got the chap to follow the advice mentioned on the link above, and the new fluid seems to be marked in its smootheness of operation. Furthermore, when the original fluid first came out, it was rather metallic in appearance - suggesting that some bits were flowing round the 'box. So much for SAAB claiming that it didn't need doing.
On another note for those interested in trying to improve the longevity of their 9-5s, it has been recommended by this specialist to take the sump off and get the "sludge" out before too long.
SAAB 9-5 Gearbox oil change - Mike H
Furthermore, when the original fluid first came
out, it was rather metallic in appearance - suggesting that some
bits were flowing round the 'box.

I found a rather worrying chunk of metal when I drained mine, but it didn't seem to stop the box working properly! Looks like it was perhaps a chunk of gear tooth or something.....

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