A new hyundai getz - daveyK_UK
friend wants the same car as her mum - a new hyundai getz .

must be a 5 door.
1.1 engine will do.

i cant find them anywhere for less than £6800.

For that money you can pick up a fiesta.

but she wants a getz.

does anyone know of any cheap hyundai dealers/importers?

BCC hyundai used to be cheap but after a quick look at their website, seems as if they have gone back to demanding list price.

As she is a good mate and I know how much (and how muich harder than a euro equivalent it will be to sell) - i dont want her to pay anything over £6300.

Surely a hyundai importer/broker/dealer is knocking them out at there realistic value?
A new hyundai getz - stunorthants
Try the Milton Keynes Hyundai dealer - my sister bought a brand new 1.3 CDX Getz there for £7000 OTR. They are one of teh biggest and they have bigger margins to give away. Check their website for contact details.
A new hyundai getz - carl_a
On autotrader there are some interesting things :

There's a 06 5-door 1.1 CDX with 18 miles on the clock for £5990

56 Reg 1.1 GSI 5 door from mount automotive solution is £6495 and a choice of colours
A new hyundai getz - daveyK_UK
The Getz is providing to be to expensive for her.

The Milton Keynes dealer wants £7495 for a 1.1 5 door!

Hyundai must have reduced there sales targets to be pushing dealers at near list price for their vehicles.

Anyway, she has just text?d me ? she has been on a test drive of a fiat panda and like it. The fiat dealer in Chester wanted £6300 for a 1.2 dynamic on a solid colour ? which again is expensive.

Any ideas as to where to find a cheap fiat panda ? ideally a 1.2 dynamic.

Thanks for any help.

A new hyundai getz - barchettaman

A new hyundai getz - barchettaman
Anthony Betts Hemel Hempstead is also recommended. Try registering over at FiatForum and posting the question over there.
A new hyundai getz - Statistical outlier
Fiat Panda 1.2 Dynamic is £5348 on uknewcars.com. They are a legitimate broker I used at the beginning of the year. Very easy and quick.
A new hyundai getz - MokkaMan
Don't know if it is relevant, and I had this problem earlier in the year helping my mother buy a car, but a Panda is a smaller class of car than a Getz/Fiesta.

The Panda is 3.5m long and more comparable with an Toyota Aygo / Kia Picanto / VW Fox / Citroen C1 / Ford Ka, etc. I think these are classed "City Cars"

The Getz is bigger and the Fiesta is 4metres long, as is Renault Clio Peugoet 207, Kia Rio (I think the Rio and Getz are the same car?), etc. These appear to be classed Superminis - they are just bigger cars and cost more (not unreasonably). If space and boot space are important issues - it may be worthwhile comparing the two.

I found the definitional lines between the two groups a bit blurred

I would have thought a Getz with a 1.1 engine might be a tad sluggish
A new hyundai getz - jase1
Rio = Accent. Although it has to be said that the Accent and Getz are very similar anyway.

I'd be looking at the C1 if the Getz is too rich.
A new hyundai getz - stunorthants
Personally, if size doesnt matter, id look at the Picanto - a very honest little car, well built for the very cheap price and quite refined. Warranty is good too. They start at about £5600 ish i think.
A new hyundai getz - MokkaMan
I think you would do well getting a brand new unregisted 5 door Supermini sized car at a price under £7k. What cars target price has the cheapest 5 door Fiesta @ £7,423, 5 door Getz @ £7,488. The Kia Rio Zapp is £7,495 but a broker might bring that down a bit but not much. A 5 door Skoda Fabia might be worth a look. I am sure I saw an offer recently on a Fabia with air con for £6,995 - mind you this model is quite old now.

The alternative is a pre- registed one under a year old?
A new hyundai getz - daveyK_UK
Picanto is good except the boot ? its smaller than the panda boot ? plus the panda has the high (or perceived high) sitting position ? and she found it very easy for access.

If I am correct, earl last year drivethedeal.com where knocking out Hyundai Getz 1.1 gsi 5 doors for £6023.
In April Broadspeed where knocking out Fiat Panda dynamic 1.2 for £5250.

Have prices gone up?

I know I haven?t been in the game for a while- it just seems to me that there are not many great deals around, especially in the small car market.

In fact, the best value deal I have seen is a new shape Kia Magentis LE 2.0 for £7495 ? shame she doesn?t require a big cruiser

She can pick up a KA for £4,000 on the finance and then pay it off in full after 3 months so it only coasts her £4128 ? but she really doesn?t want a ka ? and find the back seats impossible to use.

Anyway ? back the drawing board ? I am really disappointed I failed to help her.

She is of to see a Seat Ibiza today ? but I cant find any of them for less than £6800 ? and that?s a dreaded 3 door!

Any more ideas or help is appreciated.

One of the reasons she wants new ? is she has a rover 45 with the head gasket on the way out ? and needs to part ex it ASAP. Watch out for a gold 51 plate rover 45 1.6 at an auction near you!

A new hyundai getz - jase1
In fact, the best value deal I have seen is a
new shape Kia Magentis LE 2.0 for £7495 ? shame she
doesn?t require a big cruiser

You sure that isn't the old one?

If it's the new one that's one hell of a car for the money. I've looked inside the new Magentis and to be perfectly honest I found the interior and overall build quality to be the equal of anything Japanese. Really tight.
A new hyundai getz - dalfruin
Have a look at this thread, I was looking for my son earlier (although he failed is test, so it's on hold).

There are some prices on it that were valid at that time for alternatives to the Getz.

A new hyundai getz - carl_a
>> If I am correct, earl last year drivethedeal.com where knocking out
Hyundai Getz 1.1 gsi 5 doors for £6023.

At one point they were selling them at £5500 !

But the Getz 1.1 gsi you are talking about was the old model, the new model has aircon included, the old one didn't
A new hyundai getz - stunorthants
How about a Proton Savvy ( if you can excuse the name ), Chevrolet Kalos or Daihatsu Sirion?

None the first hoice for a driver, but within the budget and no worse than a Hyundai?

In terms of sheer volume, the boot on the Picanto is actually 10 litres larger than the Panda.
A new hyundai getz - jase1
Would agree on the Kalos and Daihatsu (the Sirion especially), although I think the safety on the Kalos has been flagged as questionable hasn't it? But I'm not so sure about the Proton.

Previous Protons have been solid cars (Mitsubishi-based), but this one seems to be a bit of a mish-mash, with Renault bits, Mitsi bits there, etc etc. Not proven yet, I'd be waiting a while to see how it goes. No reason to suggest that any of the component parts are questionable, but how well they work together is another matter.
A new hyundai getz - jase1
Of course you could also look at the car that the Getz is ultimately based on, the Mitsubishi Colt. These are 5-door and seem to be very reasonably priced.
A new hyundai getz - Bill Payer
She is of to see a Seat Ibiza today ? but I can?t find any of them for less than £6800 ?
and that?s a dreaded 3 door!

I helped my daughter buy a 3 door Ibiza (1.2S) a couple of years ago.

I?d be very wary of the 3 door ? daughter likes the 3 door ?look? but the doors are *huge* and very heavy (and heavily sprung). Getting in and out in a tight spot is really tricky. Also make sure it has sliding passenger seat to allow easy entry into the rear ? maybe it?s standard now, but it was an option on ours.

I really liked the package with the Ibiza ? I paid (I think) £7750 but that included Met paint, side airbags and the slidey seat. A/C, remote locking, CD player etc were all standard and a similar spec Polo would have been over £10K. However SEAT have messed around with the packages now and I don?t think the current deal is so good.

As a Dad, I do think the car feels pretty solid (safe) and I feel happier with the high window line (lots of metal and those heavy doors to protect daughter) and the car is a much more reasonable (usable) size than many others

It has developed a few rattles which would drive me bonkers (daughter doesn?t notice) but has otherwise been OK.

A new hyundai getz - daveyK_UK
she drove the seat ibiza - didnt like it to much, found the dealer price £7599 expensive.

she recieved her daihatsui sirion and charade brochures yesterday as well - likes the charades mpg - and would consider one for the right price.

she was also very impressed with the sirion.

however - cant find a deal on any daihatsui's except for the copen which can be picked up for £8995.

thank you for all the help so.

the clio campus 1.2v at £5795 is tempting - except its a 3 door and its not very reliable.
i would struggle to recomend a renault to her.
A new hyundai getz - daveyK_UK
a c1 - cant find one for less than £5895 for a 5 door.

any ideas?

surely these cost peanuts to build.
A new hyundai getz - daveyK_UK

She can get a 5 door brand new in sold red daihatsu sirion 1.0s for £6499 on the road.

Is this a good deal/car?

Same as a yaris?
A new hyundai getz - carl_a
Thats a good price for a Daihatsu Sirion which are great cars with lots of room in them. Only things worth mentioning are that the mirrors on that model have to be adjusted from the outside and the insurance group is slightly higher than other cars in class.
A new hyundai getz - MokkaMan
Citroen are offering 5 door C3's @ £6,690 after cashback - that sounds a good deal as well
A new hyundai getz - daveyK_UK
C3 build quality is ropey.

might be the sirion.

most dealers are ahppy to do them for £6499 - so it isnt that great a deal really.
A new hyundai getz - MokkaMan
Fair point. Only mentioned it because C3 is a bit bigger (3.85 metres compared to 3.60 metres) or about 10 inches which might transfer into usable boot space or legroom
A new hyundai getz - jase1
Not kidding about the C3 build quality being ropey!!

My brother had one of these as a hire-car over the weekend. Laughable. The doors sounded as if there were bits rattling around in them when they shut (my 13yo Nissan sounds better), the back of the rear seat is bare metal, no covering and the dashboard is as plasticky as they come.

I can see why these things are so cheap -- poor fit and finish.

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