Dacia Logan - Yoko
The real price in Romania is 6800 Euros with no taxes added...It's Not Good At All...In Germany the price is 12.800 Euros...Has very bad steering and it's very noisy inside...
Dacia Logan - jase1

It ain't going to succeed at £8500 that's for certain. Not for basic transport that's quite a way inferior to a Korean car, and certainly vastly inferior to an Almera say which can be bought for £1500 less.

At £4500 it's a bargain but it'll never be sold for that much here.

Even a Clio can be bought for £8500, and that's the newer version of the same thing.

Renault have dropped the ball seriously with that price.
Dacia Logan - mike hannon
You certainly see them all over the place in France now - presumably the price is pitched more sensibly. I think there's even an estate version now. You see very young ones on used car forecourts as well, which might be significant.
Difficult to see what's going for it though. It looks crude and basic, under the bonnet as well. But it appears to be very big for the money.
Does anyone remember the Dacia version of the Renault 12 or the Duster 4x4? You still see the 4x4 over here too. I had one on road test years ago and managed to get it stuck in a field. Certainly cured me of off-roading.

Dacia Logan - Pugugly {P}
Certainly cured me of off-roading - Brilliant !
Dacia Logan - Harmattan
In my neck of the woods there are still both the original Renault 12s and the newer Dacias around, several in estate versions too and, if course, the pickup which was sold in the UK fairly extensively. Only one silver Logan spotted so far and it looked bad in silver which usually flatters. As for the Dacia Duster, it was better than a Lada Niva in being less noisy and the soft top version could be fun but you are right it was pretty useless off road. Holds quite a lot of students though.

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