Oil Filler Cap Rover 45 - Greek Goddess
Hi fellas

I am in desperate need of an oil filler cap for my motor.
Anyone know of anywhere in Manchester area I could get one from besides the main dealers?
Do any company make universal ones that I could pick up from a motorists spares shop?
Many thanks.
Oil Filler Cap Rover 45 - Armitage Shanks {p}
As a stop gap, find something that fits over it or get some thick plastic sheeting and secure whichever you use with a jubilee clip. If you aren't topping up much that won't be too incovenient. Otherwise look in yellow pages for scrappie in your area.
Oil Filler Cap Rover 45 - GregSwain
Halfords sell them. Plenty of K-series engines in scrapyards too, so take your pick.

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