Jeep Cherokee exhausts - ceg999
I need an exhaust (box and rear pipe) for my 1996 2.5 litre petrol jeep. Apparently these are 'dealer only' and cost the earth The exhaust for the 4.0 litre is available from factors... and fairly cheap. They look the same to me. Does anyone know if they are the same? or if the 4.0 L exhaust can be modified to fit the 2.5L?
Jeep Cherokee exhausts - nick
Ask the forum on the Jeep Club website. Google should provide the address. A good place for information and parts suppliers.
Jeep Cherokee exhausts - ceg999
Thanks for the advice...unfortunately the jeep club want £30 before they will let you post a query....I'm so mean wouldn't be able to live with myself if I paid that much and still didn't get any info.
Jeep Cherokee exhausts - blue_haddock
Well neither Bosal or Timax list an exhaust for the 2.5 - i would of thought that if they were that similar they would of listed it as suitable. So my guess is that no they are not inter-changeable
Jeep Cherokee exhausts - jc2
The 2.5 is probably smaller diameter pipe tho' the same overall shape.
Jeep Cherokee exhausts - ceg999
For those who responded, or were interested...An Update....I bought a nice cheap exhaust for the 4.0 litre (6 cyl) and it fitted my 2.5 litre (4 cyl) without any modification at all.

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