Peug 106 electrical buzzing noise?? - Edinburgh andy
Hi All,

A couple of years ago - i was getting a funny noise like a buzzing or clicking coming from the glovebox of my Pugeout 106 -1.1 95- when i switched the ignition off it was deffinetly coming from the glovebox i had a quick look and there is a fuseboard, what looks like a realy- thats my guess- and some wiring in there. It only happened occasionally and i just left it as it wasnt affecting the car. The noise only happended very occasionaly like once every 2/3 months.

However it has retured and happens when i am driving and not when switching off its like a buzzing - sort of noise i guess may happen if a switch is somewhere stuck between off and on - a similar noise can be heard by half pressing in light swich in a house-. The car seems to be running ok. I dont want to spend money - or as little as possible- if i can avoid it as i am getting of the car in a couple of months although i am anxious to avoid a breakdown as i need the car for work,

Has anyone any ideas of what to check for??? or if they have come accross this prob before i would like to hear from you.



Peug 106 electrical buzzing noise?? - mfarrow
This happens in our 106. Check the relay(s) on the board are seated properly.

Mike Farrow

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