fiesta gasing up - hurstc1
my dad has a ford fiest 1.1 L reg...the car starts fine some days but then other days when i start, it starts then dies.....then i try again then nothing happens....but i have found a way of setting passed this by starting it then when it dies take the fuse out and start the car again, it runs then cuts out(no fuel going through)then put the fuse back in and it runs a dream.....a garage told me that its gasing its self but they dont no why.....any ideas would be great.....thanks
fiesta gasing up - piston power
overfuelling?? wet spark plugs?? i had the same with a L reg fiesta we changed the carb or single port injection for a better one worked much better.
fiesta gasing up - hurstc1
thanks mate i will have a look at it....chris
fiesta gasing up - mfarrow
I thought this had come up before!:

Resistor in the right place fixes the problem it would seem.

Mike Farrow
fiesta gasing up - bell boy
If the engine is in basic good health and not breathing excessivly, then i would suggest that all you need to do when you start the car is make sure that you do not touch the pedals, crank the car till it starts and then let it rev up for 10 /20seconds and then the revs will settle down and then if you stall it it will start straight away.
Told my customers this whenever i sold these cars and only once had a problem because they didnt listen

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