dartford-m25-m11 OMG - steveo3002
i had the misfortune to use the dartford crossing then m25-m11 last night, oh my god ive seen such bad delays , i thought i was going to run out of fuel

anyone know whats going on there??

best check and avoid this area if you have a journey planned
dartford-m25-m11 OMG - tr7v8
Widening on the M25/A2 junction until 2008 (if I remember correctly!) Even bigger shambles than it normally is.
dartford-m25-m11 OMG - alex

Not good news for passengers wanting to drive to the nearby Ebsfleet station (it opens in autumn 2007) to catch Eurostar to Paris or Brussels.
dartford-m25-m11 OMG - tilda99
Interesting - I need to take son plus friend to Stansted Airport next Mon pm. They're flying to Hanover. We live near J5 of M25, 55 miles from Stansted.

Flight is at 2030hrs, check in therefore 1830hrs - need to leave home at about 1530-1600hrs., or even earlier to be safe. Super cheap flight too, so no excuses!! Probably quicker to drive - have done it in under 6 hours many years ago!!!

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