Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - Chateauneufdupape
I had both sets of rear wheel bearings replaced 15 months ago by a main dealer on my Honda Accord. Mileage at that time was about 65,000 miles. However, one side has gone again after approx 20,000 miles. The dealer said that the parts were only covered by a one year warranty so they would not replace them for free. I asked them to consider fitting them for free if I payed for the parts. They are still saying no. I feel that either there was a fault with the bearings or they where not fitted correctly. Can I claim that they were not fit for purpose and put pressure on them to replace them by suggesting I will go to the small claims court? The cost of replacement is £200. Is this a reasonable price?
Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - Dave E
Interesting. A guy at work had one on an '03 plate and he sold it on because of the bearings. An in built fault with Honda, perish the thought. How old is yours?
Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - Chateauneufdupape
Mine is a 98 plate. The tyres seem OK and it was the Honda dealer that said it was the bearings.
Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - bell boy
let an indi have a look and ask for his opinion,you can tell just about everything there is to know just by stripping and using your eyes,also he will see who made them hopefully as well
Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - Chas{P}
Before you replace the bearings again make sure it is not faulty tyres causing the noise. I had a pair of Avons that went noisy as the tread started to separate.

Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - hillman
I may be barking up the wrong tree here because of different design, but ...
I had a number of bearings go on the offside rear wheel of my Wolseley 6/110. They are big double row bearings, the same one as is used on the London black taxis. Eventually I suspected misalignment and replaced the half shaft. No further problem. The old half shaft doesn't look any different, but if I were to measure it precisely I might find that it is thous of an inch out.
Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - Aprilia
Obviously shouldn't fail after 20000 miles. It could be that they were fitted incorrectly or that the stub axle was damaged in some way.
Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - P.Mason {P}
Same here - last year I had even booked my Honda Civic in for a new rear wheel bearing when the mechanic checked with the tyre firm next door, to discover that it was a faulty tyre. All the symptoms of a duff bearing, loud droning roar. A replacement tyre resulted in glorious silence! Worth checking.

Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - Chuckie888
Honda Accord is very sensitive to worn tyre noise, espescially the rears. I would suggest that bearings would not go on both sides at the same time, should be a couple of thousand miles apart. Check if the noise goes when cornering.
Honda Wheel Bearings Gone Again - DP
I've also experienced a tyre causing this on my old Focus. Inner edge had worn strangely and had "steps" in it. Caused a drone just like a wheel bearing.

New tyres and silence for the remaining 30,000 miles I had the car.


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