New Tyres - bhoy wonder
I have a 54 plate passat 130. It time for new tyres. Has anybody got suggestion as to what type of tyre I should put on my car. I do a 50% spilt between motorways and A roads.
New Tyres - Hamsafar
I have similar car with Michelin Primacy, they seem very noisy, I will not buy them again, although I have had nothing else on this car to compare them to, the chirp on white lines when conering, and generally give tyre noise at higher speeds and a pneumatic boing when hitting bumps.
New Tyres - cheddar
Might be worth saying whether it is 15" wheels (SE) or 16" (Sport).
New Tyres - bhoy wonder
They are 205/60/15.
New Tyres - JohnPug
If you're happy with the old tyres performance and mileage, just replace with the same.
New Tyres - bhoy wonder
At present I have Dunlop. I am happy with the performance of the tyre but I have only had 11000 miles out of them. Altough I think this may be caused by the paint that they have placed in the multi-story car park where I park. When it has been raining and you enter the car park you feel and sounds like your tyres are being rip off the wheel and it does not matter what speed you do.
New Tyres - quizman
My Passat had Dunlop tyres on from new, they didn't last long and the grip was awfull. I replaced them with Pirelli P 7's, these tyres had won an test on Autocar.
The P 7's transformed the car, the front wheels no longer wanted to slip when accelerating (the light kept flashing and the engine slowed, ESP or something) the handling was much better.
Please try Pirelli P 7's, I don't think you will be disappointed, and you can get them for not too much money.
New Tyres - Bill Payer
I have similar car with Michelin Primacy, they seem very noisy,

You might get a shock if you put something else on - Michelin Primacy's are usually regarded as quiet (and comfortable) tyres. Try running them on slightly higher pressures.
New Tyres - Glaikit Wee Scunner {P}
I've had as low as11,000 miles from the front tyres on my 2002 model Passat , albeit the 195/ 65 x 15 size.
I've tried various makes but the wear rate is poor regardless.

BTW I'd have thought wet or dry paint surface would be slippery and therefore unlikely to have caused problems.
Squealing in multis is common.
I wasna fu but just had plenty.
New Tyres - Pugugly {P}
May I suggest National Tyres ? Very good service this week. Wanted a decent set of tyres on the old 3 series I have to replace the MoT passers that went on it when I was doing it up. Found the tyres on line, booked an appointment with them online, good price. Further ten percent off when I arrived for booking online and get this. free no quibble guarantee - if you have a tyre fail by accident (example given hitting debris in roadway) they replace the tyre free. (sliding scale of contribution based on tyre wear) Can't go wrong.
New Tyres - midlifecrisis
My Vectra has got 19" wheels on it and the Continental tyres fitted on it have currently got 24'000m on them, with around 3mm left. They're not the cheapest but they're very good.
New Tyres - JH
I've just put Continental PremiumContact 2 onto my Passat (205 55 16) after reading the Auto Express review. The size they tested was a bit smaller (Golf) and first choice (Vredestein?) isn't available in this size so I went for the second choice. The car came on Continental SportContact, I replaced them with Pirelli P6000 but they're a bit out of date now so I went for the Continentals. What can I say? They grip, point, seem relatively quiet.

Up until that point I had Michelin Primacy in mind as HJ recommends them but the Auto Express test rated them very poorly but did say that they been replaced recently by Primacy 2. I hope they last 'cos they're very pricy.

New Tyres - daveyjp
205 55 16 are available in Vredestein - I had two fitted to the Audi a few months ago. They took a bit of finding, but I'm pleased so far.
New Tyres - Hamsafar
Yes, this is the size I have (205 55 16). I was also thinking P7 next as these were my favourite on my Omega, however, the Primacies have another year or so left, so the market may have changed by then..

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