Focus clutch... - y2k+4
I believe my clutch is slipping (change gear, lift clutch, revs hang, not a lot happens), and I was thinking about replacing it. I drive a 1.6 Focus 51-reg. I wondered if anyone had any idea of what this might actually cost, I'll be ringing around both independents and Ford garages tomorrow, and I always think it's best to have some idea of what to pay...
Focus clutch... - GregSwain
Going up a steep hill at 30mph, shove it into 5th and floor the throttle. If the revs rise, it's slipping. If the engine slows down with the car, it's not.

5 years seems a bit premature for a clutch - they normally last over 10 years with decent driving, although you don't know who might've driven it in the past. How many miles are on the car?
Focus clutch... - y2k+4
110,000 miles, so it's perfectly feasible I'd have thought...

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