Turn off the red lights - Jonathan {p}
Report on removing traffic lights.


Interesting idea.
Turn off the red lights - wotspur
Of course we know it will never happen because it's too logical.
In the U.S.A , they've been allowed the equivalent of being able to turn left on a red light if traffic is clear - great idea.
Over here if you travel along the A4 from the M25 towards Brentford, there are about 10 sets of traffic lights, that are deliberately set so that if you speed away from one and break the speed you might just get through the next set.
If you keep to the speed you will be held up at the next set. and then the one after that etc
why?? and why will Transport for London do all in their power to make it difficult, because they are Socialists at heart and hate us using our car and want to make it as difficult so we might use filthy congested stinking tubes trains and buses - until then they'll tax us to death .
Wouldn't it be nice though if all lights to industrial units were switched off at weekends- oh to dream
until then at least we can have our rant on this site
Turn off the red lights - Lud
It would greatly ease traffic flow if vehicles were allowed to filter left against a red light when it was safe to do so, as they are, in the other direction of course, in California and perhaps other States in the US.

At the same time, it would greatly ease traffic flow if those very stupid bits of pavement recently installed to narrow the exits from side streets were removed and junctions restored to a more convenient configuration. There are no safety advantages to these silly road-narrowings either for pedestrians or anyone else. Indeed it is quite likely that the annoyance and delay they cause lead to accidents.

No doubt it will be claimed that this will cost a lot. Still, it cost a lot to make the roads inconvenient, and that was done just to annoy us. It's our money anyway. Perhaps the cost of restoration should come out of governmental transport staff salaries. Because someone ought to be punished for what has been done.
Turn off the red lights - Hamsafar
I agree, it's funny we went out today and the traffic lights were dead at a main junction, and usually where there were queues, there were just a few cars going around 10mph in each direction waiting for their synchronised turn.
Turn off the red lights - GregSwain
The thing that annoys me is roundabouts with traffic lights dotted around them. I thought the whole point of a roundabout was that everyone gets a fair turn if it's being used properly, therefore traffic lights shouldn't be necessary.
Turn off the red lights - Avant
Interesting thoughts here.

Certainly in my experience there are fewer traffic jams in Basingstoke (mainly roundabouts) than in Reading (endless traffic lights, some of them programmed to worship the Great God Pedestrian).

I don't want to be political on this forum, but it does seem to depend at least partly oin the colour of the council. Some councils need to recognise that although of course pedestrians have rights, motorists also are human beings: priority shouldn't be given to one at the expense of the other.
Turn off the red lights - artful dodger {P}
>>Report on removing traffic lights.

I read the report on Saturday and thought it made a lot of sense. However I think the fear of idiot drivers doing crazy things will probably make this a non-starter in this country. All decisions relating to road layouts seem to be done in isolation to solve a particular problem, without due consideration to the knock on effect in the surrounding area. The Newbury bypass was built to reduce road casualties, but they have actually increased substantially. Yet by comparison the average speed in Montana has fallen by 7mph whae all speed limits were removed, probably due to drivers travelling at the best speed for the conditions rather than at an artificial speed limit.

Let us all hope one council will give this a try and see if removing traffic lights will improve traffic flows. If the traffic does flow more freely, then we should all arrive at our destinations sooner and therefore help to reduce traffic fumes. Surely this double edged sword is a vote winner.

I read frequently, but only post when I have something useful to say.
Turn off the red lights - colinh
The filter right on red also works well in Saudi Arabia (and the standard of driving is not good there); as in US, it works because most roads are multi-lane and a filter lane is available at the majority of junctions, as opposed to the minority in UK.
Turn off the red lights - PhilW
"filter right on red also works well in Saudi Arabia"

Also in France, and they also have the very sensible system at night at most junctions that the lights revert to just a flashing amber (continue with caution). Here of course, our traffic lights which are often designed for peak time traffic, continue to stop you even in the early hours of the morning when there isn't another vehicle for miles.
I also object to the use of traffic lights at roundabouts (though they may occasionally be necessary at peak times) - surely just one or the other is necessary?
Trouble is, because of an irresponsible minority, they don't trust us to drive sensibly or to be able to make a reasonable judgement.
(Same as warnings on coffee cups - might be hot; wine bottles - might get you drunk, knives - watch out this could cut you, etc etc - the nanny state)
Turn off the red lights - Vin {P}
"The Newbury bypass was built to reduce road casualties, but they have actually increased substantially. "

True, largely because the protests against the road meant that it was built with the smallest junctions allowable for a road of that type. Slip roads are a few feet long and are nowhere near long enough for traffic to slow down when leaving the road. I was very nearly caught out the first time I had the misfortune to have to use one.

So, thanks for that, Swampy. You must be very proud.

Regarding the idea of ridding the roads of furniture, the evidence is that it works. My personal experience is that I was in Normandy a few weeks ago on a major road passing through a village. It had no roadsigns or road markings at all. The constant changes of road surface and ambiguous junctions made me drive a great deal slower than I would otherwise have done. It's got to be worth a try.


Turn off the red lights - PatrickO
I got done by an umarked car some way behind me for going through a red light on a roundabout at 5am in the morning with no other traffic about apart from big brother behind me. Am I the only person who feels silly waiting at a red light with no other traffic about at silly oclock in the morning? Fair enough in the day as you can't make much progress anyway but they should switch them off at night.

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