Erskine Bridge's missing toll - frazerjp
Hi all, does anyone know why the tolls have disappeared on Erskine bridge which is between Glasgow & Geenock on the M898 over the river Clyde.
Not that im complaining of course it saved me £1 when i went over it this morning! :-P
Its not what you drive, its how you drive it! :-)
Erskine Bridge's missing toll - bell boy
i thought it was a vote winner
Erskine Bridge's missing toll - colino
I think they disappeared a good few weeks ago when (as every river crossing) it was realised the couldn't justify a ridiculous charge for driving down any other UK motorway.
Erskine Bridge's missing toll - Falkirk Bairn
Every Scottish Bridge apart from Forth & Tay. Skye was worst toll with the fee being over £5 but there were difficulties over legality of charging - still to be tested in court as hundreds of non-payers have a criminal record for not paying.

New Bridge to replace Forth will be megabucks so the toll is likely to be of a similar value.
Erskine Bridge's missing toll - commerdriver
They disappeared several months ago as a show of Scots generosity to travelling English tourists in the hope that English authorities will eventually be as generous to Scots tourists :-)
Erskine Bridge's missing toll - bhoy wonder
Tolls disappeared in April. It was done to bring more business to the area and to try and ease the traffic on the kinston bridge.

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