probs with my new runabout (Ford Escort) - valhalla
Good evening all,
Hopefully one of you knowledgeable kind souls can help me please. I`ve just bought a 98 R reg Ford escort 1.8 estate for work from my wife`s best friend.
The clutch is on its way out (i knew this when i bought it) and will be replaced shortly (any idea how much this is likely to be please?)
I took it to work on monday, a journey of 38 miles and noticed a problem, it runs and accelerates fine but when i come of the gas it veers fairly heavily to the left?? It runs fine in a straight line when driving normally.
Any idea`s please?
Ta, Jon
problems with my new runabout - Wales Forester
I'd start with the simplest thing, check the tyre pressures.
I'm sure someone more technical will be along in a minute.
problems with my new runabout - steveo3002
possible sticking front brake ?
problems with my new runabout - valhalla
Thanks for the quick replies fella`s. Wouldn`t a sticking brake/tyre pressure problem show in normal straight line driving though?
It doesnt pull to the left under anything but "trailing throttle"
problems with my new runabout - yorkiebar
suspension wish bones or bushes are the most likely cause imo.

easy to check, jack up each side in turn, use stands too! Get a stout bar, decent screwdriver will do and lever the wishbone in any direction youcan and look at the bushes in the wishbone as you do. almost certain 1 or more will have split or pulled out of the arm and you will see the offending item quickly.

Not major job to replace! but will make you swear first time you do them!
problems with my new runabout - bell boy
while i agree with yorkiebars diagnosis i must add these arms are pigs to fit
in my opinion especially the back bolt and when youve done that the job of actually putting the arm back.
Let the garage check these arms same time as doing the clutch and everyone wins if they are the problem
problems with my new runabout - valhalla
Ok thanks very much.
problems with my new runabout - J1mbo
Also expect bizzare electrical problems as water ingress into the fusebox is very common, also check for rust at the top of the rear wheel arches.

Do you notice a creeking when you go over road humps slowly? The front bushes are also another common problem.

Good luck.
problems with my new runabout - stuartl
I've just done these on my Orion which had exactly the same symptoms and now its fine.

They are quite easy to fit but as Oldman says the back bolt is a bit tricky.

They cost £130-00 a pair from Ford (its best to renew in pairs as the new arm has a beefed up rear rubber mount).
This includes the new pinch bolt and nut for the bottom ball joint.

The worst part is that you have to torque, then loosen off, then torque again when the car is back on its wheels. Try getting under it!! I cheated and drove mine onto wheel ramps to torque up.

Its nice to drive a car that doesn't feel like the front end is on castors!


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