Ford Fiesta. Heater not blowing warm air - trumpy
A friend of mine has got a fiesta, it is on a p-plate.
The problem is that the heater will not blow warm air.
He has changed the thermostat, he has flushed the system out but still the hot water is only getting as far as the matrix but not coming back out.
Any Ideas would be great.

Cheers in advance.

Ford Fiesta - jc2
Pipe should go from inlet manifold to lower inlet pipe on heater then back to pipe just before water pump;run engine at about 4,000 rpm for about a minute after system is warm-top hose is hot.this should get rid of any air.
Ford Fiesta - DP
Sounds like the heater control valve has died. A common problem on Fiestas.

Ford Fiesta. Heater not blowing warm air - pastyman
Hi there,

Definately the heater control valve, approx £35 from Ford and about 15mins work.

Ford Fiesta. Heater not blowing warm air - trumpy
Thanks for the replies guys,

Not wanting to sound thick or anything, but where is the heater control valve situated or what does it look like. as i have to to explain this to my friend.

Cheers again,

Ford Fiesta. Heater not blowing warm air - DP
The hoses that run to the valve 0are visible in this picture.

Follow a straight line from the Ford badge to the back of the engine compartment and you'll see two hoses running parallel. Follow these hoses up the firewall and they run to the heater control valve. It's a black plastic circular thing about the diameter of a coffee cup with a two pin connector sitting at a right angle on its right hand side (as you look from the perspective in the photo).

Pull off the rubber bonnet seal that runs across the top of the bulkhead
Remove the fusebox lid (it has a "lip" which interferes with the removal of the bulkhead.
Remove the bulkhead mounting screws (four from memory and one is the expansion tank mounting screw.
Unclip any hose clips or pipes from the bulkhead.
Move the bulkhead out of the way (or remove it completely)
Undo the four hoses from the valve (two each side)
Unplug the connector.
Unhook the valve from its mount.

Refit is direct reversal. Make sure the valve is hooked on properly and that the bulkhead is reseated correctly.

20 minutes work.


Ford Fiesta. Heater not blowing warm air - trumpy
Cheers for the information.i will pass it on.



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